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Happy 2014 everyone!! As promised back in September 2013 the Technoclopedia once again delivers up to date information as of today. What's been essentially new in 2013? Well, speaking of trends here, it's been definitely the year of the bare bulb flashes. And with the release of the Jinbei MF 200 I'm finally pretty sure we will see a lot more models to emerge in the future, looking at the trend in trigger development also with a wider emphasize on more advanced functions. That said, there was a huge step in advanced radio trigger technology with more and more products supporting High Speed Sync - or at least Hyper Sync. With the Pixel King II the trend even goes towards fully supported E-TTL. Dual Pixel CMOS AF was another key word in development dropped by Canon - introduced with the EOS 70D and afterwards announced as an upgrade for the C100. Speaking of trademarks it seems like the Samyang universe of rebadges became centered around / restricted a little more to Bower, Rokinon and Walimex. The other Elvises more or less left the building. Anyone not having been reading the term crowd funding or Kickstarter at least 5 times this year can be considered an illiterate anyway. And yes ... we got another Photokina year. That means, we can expect another rush of announcements out of the wild in September, and a few additional ones until then to make us thirsty. As soon as I can, I'll check my possibilities to make it to Cologne.

Did I mention crowd funding? The Canon EOS Technoclopedia needs more picture material! Check out the support page and use it! If you would like to support the project but want to meet up first, Photokina might be a good opportunity.

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