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Until 2012 I was not earning anything here, neither wanted to, and thus always kept running the project on a no cost level for me as well. But I realized that I could achieve a few more things with some money on hand. First, I could buy faster webspace. Second, I could actually buy photographic equipment to provide photographs of it myself more often, get hands on manuals etc.. Buying and selling things often turns out as a bad business and finding good deals is time consuming, so I need your support. With some additional money on hand, this wouldn't be such a big issue. Again: All funds will remain solely in use for the Technoclopedia, after selling stuff new stuff will be bought from it. I can work with a decent sum over a period of 2 or 3 years. Imagine what could be done until then! So here is how you can financially support the project:
 • Direct Deposit/Wire Transfer:
Send any amount once or monthly. Please contact me for bank account details.
 • Paypal:
Donate in €€€:
Donate in $$$:
Need a better reason? Donate an amount of 10$ or more and receive a downloadable offline version of the Technoclopedia for free!
 • Go Shopping:
Amazon: I have affiliate contracts with, and I'll get a commission for all orders, that you initialize and complete after entering Amazon through one of the links above, no matter what you buy (books, clothes, photographic equipment, digital downloads of games or music etc.). You won't pay more, but actually will help the Canon EOS Technoclopedia. If you are in a different country and shopping with a different Amazon, but still would like to support the project, let me know - I can setup Amazon affilliations for other countries as well.
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eBay: For life. Find, whatever you are looking for, current or vintage.
Non-financial support - participate yourself!
 • Take pictures of your stuff and send them in!
Send in photographs of equipment, that I can use on the homepage, submit missing technical data or scans of old articles dealing with equipment (of special interest are announcements, catalog pages or similiar material to determine production dates or equipment reviews with test results).
For the photography part I set up a page with guidelines: Find it here.
 • Setup links to the project!
If you have a homepage, blog, twitter or whatever, post a link there and let people and search engines know about the project (feel free to put the link in your forum or newsgroup signatures). Remember to always use instead of the address shown in the address bar above. This is important so people will still find me if I ever change the hoster. If you even care to write a site review let me know! I'm always interested in some feedback.
 • Donate your old equipment!
If you have any old equipment, get in contact. Of course I'll be happy about charity donations, but since nothing is for free on this planet, I'll be happy with a benevolent quote either. Remember that I only need it to take photographs and check features, so even if it's functionally broken but still looking good, it will perfectly serve its purpose.
Alright, that's it. I'll be happy to set up a supporters hall of fame to actually honor donators and supporters. Let me know, how you like that idea. If you think about supporting this project in a way not listed here, feel free to get in touch. Otherwise once more ...
... Happy Diggin'!