Photo Subscriptions - Canon EOS Technoclopedia
Calling for photographers: I'm adding photographs for every camera, lens and accessory listed. Since I actually own "only" 6 or 7 lenses myself, I will need some support with this task. If you like this page and the idea behind, feel free to take good quality pictures of your lenses and send them in.
General guidelines:
  • All pictures should show the item on a plain white background (or at least a grayscale one).
  • Use a lens between 50mm and 105mm with apertures of F8 or slightly above for maximum depth of field at best sharpness.
  • Set the focus on the most relevant imprint (that is for example in the case of the EOS 350D the "350D", not the "Canon").
  • Use a tripod for maximum sharpness.
  • Use soft lighting to eliminate hard shadows on and around the object. Try to prevent reflections of your lights on the object.
  • Do not mix lenses or cameras with accessories not being originally delivered and designed for, even if it does fit.

Additional guidelines for ...
  • ... lenses: The pictures should show the lens with as many as possible original accessories, full front ring imprint and each of the side views containing features or imprints (if possible and relevant the pictures should show a 360° view of the lens' barrel).
  • ... cameras: The pictures should show the front, the top and the back views of the body (no lens attached).
  • ... flashlights: The pictures should show the front and the back views.
  • ... accessories: The picture should show the view of the accessory, that identifies the model.

Just try to show as many features in as few pictures as possible (i.e. zoom extension, focus extension ...). For special features extra shots might be taken.
Picture formats: Pictures can be sent in RAW, JPG (highest grade please) or other common formats and should meet a minimum size of 1200 x 800 pixels wide/panorama format (= please avoid high/portrait format at all). Important: If you do the post-processing, do not sharpen, since I may resize the pictures to fit my design, and sharpening has to be done after resizing (at best even don't cut, scale or resize at all).
Permission to use your photos: Along with your pictures please send a declaration like this:
I hereby declare, that I am the creator and copyright holder of all transmitted pictures. Gregor Pabst, author of Canon EOS Technoclopedia, is allowed to edit the pictures for and to use the pictures on the aforementioned website.
See some example shots below. "Pending" means, someone is already after it. To see what's missing, simply refer to the main lists.
Camera Bodies
Canon EOS 3000V
Canon EOS 500
Canon EOS 600
Canon EF 28-105mm F3.5-4.5 II USM
Kiron MF 24mm F2.0
Vivitar MF 90mm F2.5 Series 1 Macro
Metz MB 48-AF 1C
Hama FD>EOS Adapter
Kenko Extension Tubes 12 & 24mm
Pending Entries
Canon Close-Up Lens 250D G.P. pending
Canon EF 15mm F2.8 Fisheye G.P. pending
Canon EF 24mm F2.8 G.P. pending
Canon EF 100-300mm F4.5-5.6 USM G.P. pending
Canon SL 430EZ G.P. pending
Marumi Achromat 200 (+5) G.P. pending
Vivitar MF 55mm F2.8 Macro G.P. pending
Yongnuo RF602 G.P. pending
B+W outdoor.cases G.P. pending
Lowepro Stealth Reporter G.P. pending
Sanyo Eneloops G.P. pending
Techno Line BC700 G.P. pending
Canon Coffee Mugs G.P. pending