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Happy new year everyone!! Ewwww. This is a late one! Well, as you can see, this is the first 2013 update. A lot of things effectively changed my real life since December 2012, preventing me from putting time into this project until now (new job, broken computer, lots of windsurfing and sunbathing etc.). Back in November I had a lot of plans for the site. One was settling with a professional local photography company to get more equipment pictures, which didn't happen because they didn't get in contact as promised and I didn't keep up going on their nerves. Another plan was a graphical revision. The non-table content was optimized for small-scale screen compatibility (netbooks, ipads ...), but I guess, if you use those devices you already noticed. I also decided to switch back to the News being the default starting page of the project. The Technoclopedia was starting with the mission statement by default since 2 or 3 years and I guess everyone is informed. If not, see About. There also was a plan to change the design of the news a bit, but actually what I just found didn't look much better. So I just left everything as it was and only added the social bookmarks above. Use them to get in contact, even if it's just for a thumbs-up or say-hi. I only get to know a fraction of my visitors, which is a pity. I'd appreciate some more interaction here. And yeah, I was too lazy to keep confirming the use of the old addy over at (, so as announced in October last year this address no longer works. There were a few other plans as well, that I actually forgot about.

All right, that's it for today. I'm about to sort all the 2013 news and will update the project accordingly until the end of this year.

Stay tuned.

PS: The Canon EOS Technoclopedia got a funding campaign going on Indiegogo. Check it out and please take a moment to support it!! The minimum funding there is 10€. If that's asked too much and you still want to do something, read on here. Even sharing the Indiegogo campaign link on facebook and other social networks or on your homepage or blog will help.


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Files added to the library: 528 new + .pdf replacements for .mht, .doc, .jpg and other types


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Last updated: 2013-12-26