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November 2018 Additions

October 2018 Additions

I didn't take care about speedlite releases for a while, so here are some updates for the Misc 3rd Party listings:

Code & Site Tweaking: I finally found the trick to have all parts of the page displayed with identical font size in all major Android browsers, which allowed further optimization for mobiles in general. Most of the page now displays responsive to the screen/window size, which IMO works great with desktops, but still it's totally not made for mobiles. Yet it works, and little better than before. Iphones still won't do it properly. Not my fault. Blame Apple. Safari for Windows works, so I guess Safari for Mac OS will as well. Not sure about tablets. Send me screenshots if you like.

On to more outdated tech additions:

Library Update: 7801 documents archived. Index split into several files to shrink the list sizes and deframed (js frame #area bug fix for Chrome).

Photokina 2018

Hähnel Modus 600RT MKII C

September 2018 Additions

April 2018 Additions

March 2018 Additions

January 2018 Additions

Happy New Year 2018!