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The Hartblei Cam (2009) - or HCam B1 - is based on a modular concept aiming on the possibility to compose a camera completely fitting some very special needs of the professional customer (price tag in 2009 was 4965€ for the basic setup). Built-in parts like foil keyboard, motor, display and electronics are all normed industrial standard parts. The rest sounds like a name dropping for high quality. Most features depend on the setup you order and the additional parts you use - e.g. analog or digital back, viewfinder, focus screen etc..
The Body as is supports shutter speeds of 1/4000 - 30s and has a bulb mode. It features TTL flash metering with an X-synch of 1/90s and second curtain synch. There is no built-in flash (but a hot shoe), no AF aux. light, no support for HSS. The size is 233 x 129 x 34mm excluding back module, viewfinder and the protruding lens mount. The weight starts somewhere at 1.5kg for the whole setup (as of 2012 B3K states 2.3kg).
Due to the large image circle of the medium format digital backs it is recommended to use a special selection of lenses. These include the Hartblei-Zeiss lenses, Canon's EF 8-15 and TS-E series, Zeiss ZE 85 and 100 Makro and the Conurus Zeiss 70-300. If you have access to such lenses, the Bokkeh Optics Bokkelux cine lenses or Tokina Vista Cinema Primes also come to mind. Other, more commonly available lenses will work as well, but might at least require a crop of the image to eliminate vignetting effects.
  • The body construction is mainly made out of 5mm alloy boards with normal sealing (improved sealing possible on request). It features a motorized sliding back (using sensor technology for precise positioning).
  • It has a Hasselblad V format adapter providing the capability to exchange the camera back - all digital as well as analog middle format standard backs up to 6x4.5 can be mounted via appropriate adapter (Hasselblad H and V, Leaf, Mamiya 645 AFD, Phase One ... with the only exception of the Mamiya ZD). Special adaptions for Contax 645, Leaf again*) and others are possible on request.
  • The shutter is manufactured by Mamiya/Phase One (the same as used in their 645 models).
  • The lens mount is manufactured by Novoflex. By default this is a C/EF mount with electronic coupling for aperture control. Other mounts are possible on request, but will limit the availability of adaptable lenses and (with the exception of Nikon) will not have electronic coupling.
  • Viewfinder and focusing screens are provided by Hasselblad (System V).
  • By default a battery socket for Sony NP-F rechargeable types is built-in (usable for all similar cells up to 8700mA**)), sockets for Canon LP-E6/ACK-E6 or Nikon cells/AC kits are possible on request.
  • It also features a tripod mount, a built-in pair of illuminated horizontal and vertical leveling meters, a remote release jack (your choice which kind of system), 4 USB slots, hot shoe and secondary accessory shoe (for the optional zoom finder) and a small LCD displaying exposure time, aperture, firmware version, flash synch etc..
  • There is no mirror used (thanks to the sliding back). Hence no mirror slap and no need for mirror locking, but there still is a prism finder available.
  • It retains full remote control capabilities of the camera back modules (via the software that belongs to the chosen digital back).
  • The firmware is updated on a regular basis and can be upgraded by Hartblei for existing builds.
  • The whole system is planned to be upwards compatible and upgradeable with future releases, as well as simple modifications can be done to existing setups (again will need service at Hartblei).

Included Accessories:
  • by default a Kiev TTL prism finder
  • by default a Sony NP-F550 battery (1500mA), a China made recharger, car adapter and 110/220V AC adapter
  • a long Novoflex QPL ground plate
  • a 1m cable release (longer ones on request) with jack of your choice
  • as of 2011 all HCam-B1 come with back mounting adapters for Hasselblad V, H and Mamiya 645 by default (Contax 645 still on special order)

Alternative Versions (2010):
  • HCam-B1i: Version for industrial and repro applications without the sliding back. Instead the digital back is flush-mounted, allowing for better use within calibrated post-production environments. Features Canon bayonet with electronic coupling.
  • HCam-B1v: Version for view camera lenses. Supports mounting of Rodenstocks and Schneiders etc. with all available adapters and tubes from frame cameras like Alpha, Cambo, Sylvestri or Sinar (free choice in proper mounting frames).

Optional Equipment:
  • Nurizon Acolens v2.0 Supershift, a software available for lens correction especially customized for Hartblei lenses
  • a secondary zoom viewfinder
  • Hartblei Support Stand with rack and one or two focusing rails (manufactured by Novoflex, fits QPL)
  • lens mount adapters for Nikon G-ED lenses (with electronic coupling for aperture) and other systems like L/R etc. (mechanical only, all made by Novoflex ...)
  • additional lens mount adapters for Contax 645 lenses (with electronic coupling for aperture) and mechanical adapters for HR view cameras are in preparation (status as of 11.2009)
  • Radio Remote option supporting time lapse, delay and bulb (2011/12 ?)

There is a video about the Hartblei Cam available on Youtube, recorded at Focus On Imaging trade show in 2010 by PhotoWalkthrough:

... and a review of the Hartblei Cam is available by Luminous Landscape.
*) from the sources it's not clear whether all Leaf backs need a special adapter or only some of them - and which of them
**) website mentions 7200mA, biggest model I found so far was NP-F970 w/ 6600mA
See Still Lenses C/EF > Adapting EF > EF to Mirrorless: Fujifilm GFX / Hasselblad XCD or System Cameras > Cameras > Alpa 12 for more medium format body options for Canon EF mount lenses.