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Model Compatibility1 Angle Of View2 Max. Magnif. Aperture:
Min. | Blades | Pattern
Min. Dist. (cm) Filter (mm) Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Weight (g) Focus Type3 Parfocal Zoom Type E-TTL II4 Lens Hood Produced Comments Tests & Reviews5
Carl Zeiss AF 17-35mm F2.8 Vario-Sonnar T*   most digitals 102 - 65 1:22 - 1:11.2 22 8 polygonal 50 95 102 96 900 Ultrasonic | IF   rotary ? Contax Metal Hood Ø100mm GB-103, flower   made in Japan; approx. 2000pcs produced (tested against Nikon equivalent)
Carl Zeiss AF 24-85mm F3.5-4.5 Vario-Sonnar T*   most digitals 84 - 29 1:17.5 - 1:6.7 22 7   50 82 90 71 570 Ultrasonic | IF   rotary ? Contax Hood Ø82mm GB-81, flower   approx. 18000pcs produced Photozone
Carl Zeiss AF 28-80mm F3.5-5.6 Vario-Sonnar T*   most digitals 73 - 31 1:14.3 - 1:2 22     25 55 76 70 380 DC (no FTM)   rotary ? Contax Hood Ø59mm GB-51, flower   manufactured by Sigma (and based on a Sigma lens design)5; approx. 12000pcs produced; working distance at 1:2 is 110mm  
Carl Zeiss AF 50mm F1.4 Planar T*   most digitals 46 1:7.7 16     45 67 80 55 310 Ultrasonic -/- -/- ? Contax Metal Hood Ø70mm GB-76, round   made in Japan; approx. 6500pcs produced  
Carl Zeiss AF 70-200mm F3.5-4.5 Vario-Sonnar T*   most digitals 33 - 13 1:13.4 - 1:6.5 22     100 67 78 106 620 DC     ? Metal Hood GB-77, round   made in Japan; approx. 10300pcs produced  
Carl Zeiss AF 70-300mm F4.0-5.6 Vario-Sonnar T*   most digitals 34 - 8.1 1:20.1 - 1:4.2 32 7   150 72 88 129 1070 Ultrasonic | IF   rotary ? Contax Metal Hood Ø75mm GB-75, round   manufactured by Sigma (and based on a Sigma lens design)5; approx. 9000pcs produced Photozone
Carl Zeiss AF 85mm F1.4 Planar T*   most digitals 29 1:8.9 16 9   83 82 90 80 800 Ultrasonic | IF -/- -/- ? Contax Metal Hood Ø85mm GB-82, round 2003 approx. 1500pcs produced Photozone
Carl Zeiss AF 100mm F2.8 Makro-Sonar T*   most digitals 25 1:1 22     32 72 86 130 960 DC w/ FTM | IF -/- -/- ? Contax Metal Hood Ø75mm GB-73, round   minimum working distance is 150mm; focus limiter; approx. 3100pcs produced  
Carl Zeiss AF 400mm F4.0 Tele-Apotessar T*   most digitals 6.2 1:6.2 32     290 112/46* 120 290 3580 Ultrasonic -/- -/- ?     *has a filter slot for insertable screw-in type filters, tripod collar; second last lens ever released in the line up; approx. 600pcs produced  

Contax NAM-1 Conversions - Conurus C645 Adapter Beta Lite Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Weight (g)
The Contax NAM-1 was an adapter to mount Contax 645 lenses to Contax N cameras. Conurus offers a C/EF modification to mount it to Canon EOS cameras. It exclusively supports the original Contax 645 AF lenses. Using any other 645 lens (like Arsat 30mm Fisheye or Hartblei Superrotators) will result in camera failure showing "Err01" (there is a workaround by slightly unmounting the adapter by approx. 5°). The modification was/is offered as beta product only by high customer's demand.      
First versions (2009) were not compatible with the AF of the Distagon 3.5/55 and the Tele-Apotessar 4/350 (resulting in focusing errors). In order to exchange the lens, the adapter needed to be unmounted from the body, before the lens could be unmounted from the adapter. By 2010 compatibility for the Distagon 3.5/55 and the Tele-Apotessar 4/350 was added. Also it was no longer necessary to unmount the adapter from the camera to exchange the lens. In 2011 support for Mutar 1.4x was added (requires factory firmware update).

General Notes:
1.) Contax N system was introduced in 2000 and abandoned in 2005, with the 1.4/85 being the last lens going into production. The Contax trademark is still owned but actually not actively used by Zeiss.
2.) Conurus is a weekend/free time driven company from Vancouver (Canada) founded in 2006. They do not sell the lenses, only the modification. You send in your lens and it might last a few months for the conversion to get completed. Until now this service is limited to costumers from countries supplied by Canadian Post Xpresspost-International Service.
3.) Contax N lenses don't feature an AF/MF switch by default (at least some do feature Dual Focus though), but an aperture ring. Since the aperture is controlled by the body after the conversion, the aperture ring gets useless and thus remodeled to an AF/MF switch.
4.) Conorus conversions are furthermore modified to micro-adjust the AF accuracy of the lens (again via the afterwards useless aperture ring). Read here, how it works.
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