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Just a comment on this list: Electronic documentation about Canon EOS and compatible equipment is widely spread on the net. If you need some manual or alike, just use Google and in many cases you'll find it. The list below is an index of my own collection of documents. It's here to give an idea of what is and what might not be available. For recent papers use the manufacturers' homepages. Look at the Documentation Resource Links at the end of each page. Don't just try i.e. Canon USA, try them all (Germany, Japan, Australia etc.). For "ancient" documents use Some of the links retrieved by will still work in real life (on OEM's websites - just cut out the part of the address), although the OEMs don't link to the documents on their own sites anymore. Google PDF Search also reveals a lot of custom archived documents. In case you can't find a thing, feel free to drop a file request by mail.
Maybe all this stuff will be available by ftp in the future, but - due to copyright restrictions, actual availability, file space and traffic considerations - not too soon.

Document File Type Size (b)
  Caler Speedlite 580RF Pagecopy   .pdf 1.084.188
  Cambo Actus Manual   .pdf 1.132.006
  Cambo Actus G Manual   .pdf 2.211.640
  Cambo Actus Mini Leaflet   .pdf 2.097.647
  Cambo Actus Mini Pagecopy   .pdf 326.080
  Cambo Actus Mini Press Release 2014.07   .pdf 340.497
  Cambo Actus XL Faltblatt   .pdf 1.502.658
  Cambo Actus XL Leaflet   .pdf 1.511.211
  Cambo Actus XL Manual   .pdf 943.261
  Cambo Actus XL Pagecopy   .pdf 455.940
  Cambo Actus AC-210 Standard Bellows Pagecopy   .pdf 77.570
  Cambo Actus AC-212 Wide Bellows Pagecopy   .pdf 70.358
  Cambo Actus AC-214 Long Bellows Pagecopy   .pdf 81.726
  Cambo Actus AC-216 Macro Bellows Pagecopy   .pdf 86.943
  Cambo Actus AC-330 Monorail Extension Pagecopy   .pdf 105.459
  Cambo Actus AC-780 Canon EF Camera Mount Pagecopy   .pdf 79.816
  Cambo Actus AC-781 Canon EF-M Camera Mount Pagecopy   .pdf 74.136
  Cambo Actus ACB-0 Copal 0 Lens Mount Pagecopy   .pdf 133.170
  Cambo Actus ACB-1 Copal 1 Lens Mount Pagecopy   .pdf 132.597
  Cambo Actus ACB-310 Rear Standard Pagecopy   .pdf 149.798
  Cambo Actus ACB-39 Leica M39 Lens Mount Pagecopy   .pdf 78.157
  Cambo Actus ACB-CA Canon EF Aperture Controller Manual   .pdf 231.313
  Cambo Actus ACB-CA Canon EF Aperture Controller Pagecopy   .pdf 227.049
  Cambo Actus ACB-CA Canon EF Aperture Controller Press Release 2016.02   .pdf 219.143
  Cambo Actus ACB-CM Canon EF Dumb Lens Mount Pagecopy   .pdf 205.510
  Cambo Actus ACB-HA Hasselblad-V Lens Mount Pagecopy   .pdf 131.290
  Cambo Actus ACB-LR Leica R Lens Mount Pagecopy   .pdf 133.567
  Cambo Actus ACB-M645 Mamiya 645 Lens Mount Pagecopy   .pdf 134.699
  Cambo Actus ACB-NF Nikon F Lens Mount   .gif 542.823
  Cambo Actus ACB-NF Nikon F Lens Mount Pagecopy   .pdf 154.843
  Cambo Actus ACB-P645 Pentax 645 Lens Mount Pagecopy   .pdf 200.312
  Cambo Actus ACB-RZ Mamiya RZ-RB Lens Mount Pagecopy   .pdf 125.908
  Cambo Actar 24mm F3.5 Datasheet   .pdf 5.170.235
  Cambo Actar 24mm F3.5 Pagecopy   .pdf 263.446
  Cambo Actar 60mm F4.0 Pagecopy   .pdf 239.468
  Cambo CA-GFX Canon EF to Fuji GFX Lens Adapter Manual   .pdf 856.444
  Cambo CA-GFX Canon EF to Fuji GFX Lens Adapter Press Release   .pdf 371.833
  Cambo CA-XCD Canon EF to Hasselblad XCD Adapter Manual   .pdf 476.021
  Cambo Master + Legend Manual   .pdf 3.489.673
  Cambo Ultima System Brochure 2008   .pdf 4.106.201
  Cambo Ultima System Manual   .pdf 2.440.035
  Cambo Ultima 35 Base Pagecopy   .pdf 256.249
  Cambo Ultima 35 Brochure   .pdf 280.038
  Cambo Ultima 35 Canon Mounting Manual   .pdf 57.476
  Cambo Wide RS Tilt Swing Panels Leaflet 2009   .pdf 3.884.969
  Cambo Wide RS Brochure 2013   .pdf 3.637.214
  Cambo Wide RC-400 Manual   .pdf 876.082
  Cambo Wide RS-1200 Manual 2012   .pdf 837.687
  Cambo Wide RS-1600 Leaflet 2016   .pdf 1.295.473
  Cambo Wide RS-1600 Manual 2016   .pdf 1.882.081
  Cambo Wide RS-5000 Manual 2012   .pdf 807.219
  Cambo Wide RS-AE Titanium (65 Anniversary Ed.) Manual   .pdf 959.073
  Cambo WRE-CA Adapter Manual 2017   .pdf 224.490
  Cambo X2-Pro Brochure 2011   .pdf 5.242.313
  Cambo X2-Pro Brochure 2013   .pdf 19.867.647
  Cambo X2-Pro Manual   .pdf 4.977.892
  Cambo X2-Pro Monorail Extension XM-150 Pagecopy   .pdf 157.780
  Cambo X2-Pro Movie   .mov 60.160.599
  Cambo Actar 24mm F3.5 X2-Pro Pagecopy   .pdf 267.306
  CamFi Matrix Instructions   .pdf 313.356
  CamFi Remote Camera Controller FAQ   .pdf 514.706
  CamFi Remote Camera Controller Handbuch   .pdf 2.762.224
  CamFi Remote Camera Controller Kurzanleitung   .pdf 64.322
  CamFi Remote Camera Controller Manual 2016   .pdf 760.531
  CamFi Remote Camera Controller Manual 2017   .pdf 3.983.324
  CamFi Remote Camera Controller Quick Start Guide 2016   .pdf 142.104
  CamFi Remote Camera Controller Quick Start Guide 2017   .pdf 63.007
  Camtraptions PIR Motion Sensor Manual v2.1   .pdf 4.387.822
  Camtraptions PIR Motion Sensor Press Release   .pdf 237.997
  Camtraptions Remote & Camera Trap Photography Guide v1.4   .pdf 4.347.752
    Canon EOS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   see Canon Documentation Index
  Canon FD-EOS Adapter Manual (scan)   .pdf 342.225
  Canon FD Lens Chart 1981   .pdf 488.818
  Canon FD Lens Wonderland Catalog 1982   .pdf 4.600.995
  Celestron CGE Series Manual   .pdf 6.283.794
  Celestron CGE Pro Series Manual   .pdf 3.751.452
  Celestron CGEM Series Manual   .pdf 4.906.389
  Celestron Edge HD Series Manual   .pdf 1.716.093
  Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain Optical Tube Assembly Manual   .pdf 895.928
  Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain Orange Tube C11-C14 Manual   .pdf 2.370.427
  Celestron Telescope Basics 2011   .pdf 481.609
  Celestron Telescope Catalog 2010-2011   .pdf 13.323.259
  Celestron Telescope Maintenance 2011   .pdf 640.681
  Cen Chameleon Lens Catalog 2017.12   .pdf 1.121.162
  Cen 7.5mm F2.8 Fish-Eye Pagecopy 2017.12   .pdf 12.235.109
  Cen 8mm F3.5 Fish-Eye CS Pagecopy 2017.12   .pdf 2.626.629
  Cen 85mm F1.4 Pagecopy 2017.12   .pdf 3.737.687
  Cen 85mm F1.8 Pagecopy 2017.12   .pdf 5.827.297
  Cen 420-800mm F8.3-16 Pagecopy 2017.12   .pdf 3.312.984
  Cen 500mm F6.3 DG Mirror Pagecopy 2017.12   .pdf 2.810.690
  Cen 650-1300mm F8-16 Pagecopy 2017.12   .pdf 3.407.404
  CentralDS Astro60D Thermometer Battery Replacement Manual   .pdf 534.922
  CentralDS CDS-1100D + CDS-600D Manual   .pdf 8.854.722
  CentralDS CDS-5D Details   .pdf 857.565
  Century Precision Optics Brochure 1995   .pdf 5.917.349
  Century Precision Optics Canon 150-600mm T6.7 Leaflet   .pdf 678.787
  Century Precision Optics S2000 Brochure 1994   .pdf 3.304.612
  Century Precision Optics S2000 Canon Mark II Conversions Brochure (1999?)   .pdf 163.819
  Century Precision Optics S2000 Leaflet 1984   .pdf 976.780
  Century Precision Optics Lens Conversions Brochure   .pdf 89.153
  Century Precision Optics Tele-Athenar II Brochure (a)   .pdf 2.611.740
  Century Precision Optics Tele-Athenar II Brochure (b)   .pdf 4.028.237
  Century Precision Optics Tele-Athenar II Lens List from McBroom's Camera Bluebook 6th Ed. 2000   .pdf 351.151
  Century Precision Optics Tele-Athenar II Price List 1984   .pdf 88.261
  Century Price List 2015   .pdf 734.353
  Century Price List 2016   .pdf 303.594
  Century Price List 2017   .pdf 255.172
  Century Accessories For Canon GL (Ø58) Leaflet   .pdf 665.808
  Century Accessories For Canon XF (Ø86) Leaflet   .pdf 264.995
  Century Accessories For Canon XL (Ø72) Leaflet   .pdf 524.023
  Century Film Products Price List 2011   .pdf 138.458
  Century Video Products Price List 2012   .pdf 177.722
  Cheetah CL-180 Manual   .pdf 282.296
  Cheetah CL-360 Manual   .pdf 379.326
  Cheetah CL-L4500 Lithium Power Pack Manual   .pdf 3.191.064
  Cheetah CL-TxRx 433MHz Manual   .pdf 288.087
  Ciecio7 Arri PL - Canon XL Pagecopy   .pdf 79.560
  Cinematics 3D USB Focus Controller Pagecopy   .pdf 372.138
  Cinematics Cine Lens Rehousings Catalog-In-Pictures 2014.09 (inofficial)   .pdf 27.616.804
  Cinematics Cine Lens Rehousings Catalog 2014 (scan)   .pdf 36.319.296
  Cinematics USB Focus Controller (Upgraded Version) Manual   .pdf 573.293
  Cinematics USB Focus Controller (Upgraded Version) News Shooter Report   .pdf 361.742
  Cinematics USB Focus Controller (Upgraded Version) Pagecopy   .pdf 675.968
  Clellan ZR45 Manual   .pdf 12.303.219
  CMOSIS Catalog 2017   .pdf 4.081.620
  CMOSIS CHR70M Datasheet (type 1)   .pdf 110.676
  CMOSIS CHR70M Datasheet (type 2)   .pdf 126.520
  CMOSIS CMV12000 Datasheet (type 1)   .pdf 108.115
  CMOSIS CMV12000 Datasheet (type 2)   .pdf 126.568
  CMOSIS CMV12000 Datasheet (type 3)   .pdf 1.945.425
  CMOSIS CMV20000 Datasheet (type 1)   .pdf 988.279
  CMOSIS CMV20000 Datasheet (type 3)   .pdf 1.824.101
  CMOSIS CMV50000 Datasheet (type 2)   .pdf 131.532
  CMOSIS CMV50000 Leaflet   .pdf 321.806
  Coastal Optical Systems 4.88mm F5.2 Circular Fisheye Datasheet   .pdf 238.902
  Coastal Optical Systems 7.45mm F2.8 Circular Fisheye Datasheet   .pdf 420.925
  Coastal Optical Systems 60mm F4.0 UV-VIS-IR Apo Macro Press Release   .pdf 1.190.998
  Coastal Optical Systems 60mm F4.0 UV-VIS-IR Apo Macro Datasheet 2006   .pdf 429.696
  Coastal Optical Systems 60mm F4.0 UV-VIS-IR Apo Macro Datasheet 2018   .pdf 1.309.992
  Coastal Optical Systems 105mm F4.5 UV-Micro-Apo Datasheet 2009   .pdf 417.617
  Coastal Optical Systems 105mm F4.5 UV-Micro-Apo Datasheet 2018   .pdf 767.462
  Coastal Optical Systems - Fisheye Lens Designs and Their Relative Performance   .pdf 416.768
  Coastal Optical Systems - Optimizing Near-UV Images (in Photoshop CS3)   .pdf 10.235.208
  Coastal Optical Systems - Peca Products Filter Curves   .pdf 1.094.270
  Codex Action Cam Pagecopy   .pdf 292.829
  Commlite Auto Focus Mount Adapters Pagecopy 2014   .pdf 181.632
  Commlite ComTrig G430 Manual   .pdf 4.682.663
  Commlite ComTrig H550 Manual   .pdf 4.441.844
  Contax N1 System Brochure   .pdf 8.494.536
  Conurus N-mount to EF-mount conversion compatibility info   .pdf 75.765
  Conurus N-mount to EF-mount conversion instruction manual   .pdf 173.663
  Conurus Smart Adapter v1-3 Manual   .pdf 396.340
  Conurus Smart Adapter v1-3 Press Releases   .pdf 286.362
  Conurus Smart Adapter v2.1 Manual   .pdf 972.878
  Cook Picture Styles - The Story of ... (including the Cook Styles Packages and high res video presentations)   .pdf 415.464.295
  Cooke Brochure 2016.04   .pdf 742.754
  Cooke Depth of Field Tables 2013.11   .pdf 4.930.773
  Cooke i-Technology Leaflet   .pdf 1.077.142
  Cooke i-Technology Technical Manual v4.0 (2016)   .pdf 3.052.371
  Cooke i-Technology Update Base Flyer   .pdf 4.305.278
  Cooke i-Technology v2 Introduction and Technical Documentation   .pdf 860.474
  Cooke miniS4i Brochure 2015   .pdf 3.164.454
  Cooke - How to check iFirmware and iLens Data using Cooke Viewer   .pdf 475.006
  Cosina Lenses Pagecopy 2000   .pdf 357.392
  Craft Camera Press Release 2016.04   .pdf 93.267
  Craft Camera Pricing 2016   .pdf 376.511
  Crystal Video CVW 100 Datasheet   .pdf 925.560
  Cullmann 20 AF + 34 AF Digital Brochure   .pdf 1.252.633
  Cullmann 20 AF Digital Brochure   .pdf 134.973
  Cullmann 20 AF Digital Broschüre   .pdf 135.973
  Cullmann 20 AF Digital Pressemitteilung   .pdf 57.547
  Cullmann 34 AF Digital Pressemitteilung   .pdf 56.894
  Cullmann CUlight FR 60C Datasheet   .pdf 2.319.716
  Cullmann CUlight FR 60C Handbuch   .pdf 62.238.344
  Cullmann CUlight FR 60C Press Release   .pdf 935.671
  Cullmann CUlight FR 60C Pressemitteilung   .pdf 937.478
  Cullmann CUlight RT+RR 500C Datasheet   .pdf 2.426.364
  Cullmann D 4500C Broschüre   .pdf 1.196.063
  Cullmann D 4500C Manual [de-en-fr-it-es-nl]   .pdf 916.827
  Cullmann D 4500C Pressemitteilung   .pdf 177.759
  Cullmann Flash Compatibility List 2008.02   .pdf 114.512
  Cypress Semiconductor IBIS4-14000 Datasheet   .pdf 488.746
  Dawntech di-GPS USB UserGuide v1.00   .pdf 230.933
  DBK Auto Extension Tubes - Magnification Ratios and Exposure Factors   .pdf 78.996
  Delkin SensorScope + Digital Duster (from B.I.G. Catalog 2013)   .pdf 10.907.828
  Delkin SensorScope Manual   .pdf 7.281.450
  Denz Canon EVO Brochure   .pdf 1.692.051
  Denz FDC Flange Depth Controller Pagecopy   .pdf 908.581
  Denz King Peter Press Release + Pagecopy   .pdf 1.815.514
  Desert Star Night and Low Light Imaging 2006   .pdf 8.032.403
  Desert Star Systems Catalog 2001   .pdf 37.205
  Desert Star Systems Catalog 2002   .pdf 45.576
  Desert Star Systems Catalog 2006   .pdf 86.959
  Desert Star Systems Catalog 2007   .pdf 105.718
  Desert Star Systems FrogEye FC-1 Brochure 2005   .pdf 1.580.236
  Desert Star Systems FrogEye FC-1 Datasheet 2003   .pdf 773.294
  Desert Star Systems FrogEye FC-1 Datasheet 2004   .pdf 1.943.878
  Desert Star Systems FrogEye FC-1 Military Brochure 2004   .pdf 1.256.983
  Desert Star Systems FrogEye FC-2 Manual 2005   .pdf 5.572.601
  Desert Star Systems FrogEye FC-2 Manual 2006   .pdf 3.349.908
  Desert Star Systems FrogEye FC-2 Military Brochure 2006   .pdf 1.954.207
  Desert Star Systems FrogEye Price List 2011   .pdf 34.197
  Desert Star Systems Image Sensor Comparison 2006   .pdf 42.315
  Desert Star Systems SharkEye Manual   .pdf 4.631.367
  Desert Star Systems SharkEye Price List 2011   .pdf 32.436
  Digital Bolex D16 Datasheet 2012   .pdf 57.070
  Digital Bolex D16 Datasheet 2014.08   .pdf 85.406
  Digital Bolex D16 Manual v1.0   .pdf 3.364.314
  Digital Bolex D16 Pre-Order Brochure   .pdf 744.931
  Digital Bolex D16 Press Release   .pdf 351.414
  Digital Bolex - Thank You   .pdf 271.672
  Digital Concepts 952-AF Manual   .pdf 3.522.518
  Digitek Flash Catalog 2012   .pdf 2.833.213
  Digitek Flash Catalog 2014   .pdf 2.151.330
  DJ Optical Lenses Pagecopy 2017.12   .pdf 459.715
  DJ-Optical 8mm F3.0 Fish-Eye Pagecopy 2017.12   .pdf 416.846
  Dog Schidt Optics 58mm F2.0 Flare Factory Pagecopy   .pdf 552.504
  Dörr Blitzgeräte 2009   .pdf 2.057.495
  Dörr Blitzgeräte 2011   .pdf 542.509
  Dörr Blitzgeräte 2014   .pdf 6.048.373
  Dörr Catalog 2010   .pdf 33.898.814
  Dörr Catalog 2014   .pdf 23.414.729
  Dörr Neuheiten Frühjahr 2016   .pdf 2.235.235
  Dörr News Spring 2016   .pdf 5.218.764
  Dörr Fotozubehör 2014   .pdf 23.497.114
  Dörr 12mm F7.4 Fisheye Lens for Canon EOS M Mount Datasheet   .pdf 162.923
  Dörr 12mm F7.4 Fisheye Photokina Press Release   .pdf 98.057
  Dörr 420-800mm F8.3-16.0 Photokina Press Release   .pdf 92.497
  Dörr Combiflash TTL Manual [multi]   .pdf 1.034.577
  Dörr DAF 44 Wi Manual [multi]   .pdf 1.879.541
  Dörr DAF 320 Manual [multi]   .pdf 3.140.064
  Dörr Extension Tubes EOS-M Photokina Press Release   .pdf 91.588
  Dreamagon Brochure   .pdf 895.338
  Dreamagon Broschüre   .pdf 967.226
  Duclos Lenses Acquires UniqOptics’ Assets Press Release   .pdf 88.920
  Duclos Lenses - Image Circle Database 2013   .pdf 146.887
  Duclos Lenses 8mm F4.0 180° Fisheye Pagecopy   .pdf 316.047
  Duclos Lenses TKN 11-16mm F2.8 Red and Gold Special Edition   .pdf 388.848
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