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Just a comment on this list: Electronic documentation about Canon EOS and compatible equipment is widely spread on the net. If you need some manual or alike, just use Google and in many cases you'll find it. The list below is an index of my own collection of documents. It's here to give an idea of what is and what might not be available. For recent papers use the manufacturers' homepages. Look at the Documentation Resource Links at the end of each page. Don't just try i.e. Canon USA, try them all (Germany, Japan, Australia etc.). For "ancient" documents use Some of the links retrieved by will still work in real life (on OEM's websites - just cut out the part of the address), although the OEMs don't link to the documents on their own sites anymore. Google PDF Search also reveals a lot of custom archived documents. In case you can't find a thing, feel free to drop a file request by mail.
Maybe all this stuff will be available by ftp in the future, but - due to copyright restrictions, actual availability, file space and traffic considerations - not too soon.

Document File Type Size (b)
  National Instruments DAQ M Series Manual   .pdf 9.204.506
  National Instruments DAQ X Series Manual   .pdf 9.859.960
  National Instruments LabView Manual   .pdf 3.758.262
  Neewer NW565EX Manual   .pdf 9.348.262
  Neewer NW680 Manual   .pdf 9.952.645
  Nero Trigger Handbuch   .pdf 655.079
  Nero Trigger Manual   .pdf 338.414
  NiceFoto Catalogue 2018 (excerpts)   .pdf 15.481.137
  NiceFoto CN-04 + CN-16 Manual   .pdf 759.521
  NiceFoto CN-2.4G Manual   .pdf 737.937
  NiceFoto Ne600C Manual   .pdf 1.895.527
  NiceFoto Ne630C Manual   .pdf 2.192.081
  NiceFoto Ne630EX-RF Manual   .pdf 1.686.005
  NiceFoto PT-04 Manual   .pdf 955.893
  NiceFoto TTL-C02 (TX-C02 + RX-C02) Manual   .pdf 2.126.817
  NiceFoto TX-C02 Manual   .pdf 820.885
  Nicefoto Speedlight Partner PH-280 Pagecopy   .pdf 356.804
  Nicefoto Speedlight Partner PH-380 Pagecopy   .pdf 569.217
  Nicefoto Speedlight Partner PH-480 Pagecopy   .pdf 3.380.293
  Nikon MF 8mm F2.8 Fisheye-Nikkor Manual   .pdf 13.269.102
  Nikon MF 55mm F2.8 Micro-Nikkor Manual   .pdf 2.725.625
  Nikon MF 105mm F4.5 UV-Nikkor Brochure   .pdf 1.375.126
  Nikon MF 105mm F4.5 UV-Nikkor Manual   .pdf 3.893.178
  Nikon MF 105mm F4.5 UV [Rayfact PF10545MF-UV] Datasheet   .pdf 292.241
  Nikon MF 105mm F4.0 Micro-Nikkor Manual   .pdf 3.446.103
  Nikon MF 120mm F4.0 IF Medical-Nikkor Manual   .pdf 6.132.096
  Nikon MF 200mm F4.0 Micro-Nikkor Manual   .pdf 4.132.110
  Nikon MF 500mm F8.0 Reflex-Nikkor Manual   .pdf 10.941.329
  Nikon MF 1000mm F11.0 Reflex-Nikkor Manual   .pdf 9.908.102
  NiSi F3 Full Frame Cinema Lenses Brochure 2018.04   .pdf 5.488.429
  NiSi F3 Full Frame Cinema Lenses Pagecopy 2018.04   .pdf 755.527
  Nissin Blitzgeräte Katalog 2011   .pdf 6.262.205
  Nissin Catalogue 2012.09   .pdf 4.801.078
  Nissin Catalogue 2013.10   .pdf 2.113.996
  Nissin Kompatibilitätsliste 2009.09   .pdf 109.314
  Nissin Compatibility Chart 2009.09 (Di28 + 466 + 622)   .pdf 38.434
  Nissin Compatibility Chart 2009.09 (Di866)   .pdf 34.907
  Nissin Compatibility Chart 2010.07   .pdf 96.049
  Nissin Compatibility Chart 2011.04   .pdf 859.791
  Nissin Compatibility Chart 2012.02   .pdf 71.425
  Nissin Compatibility Chart 2013.10   .pdf 191.008
  Nissin Compatibility Chart 2014.06   .pdf 205.864
  Nissin Compatibility Chart 2015.02   .pdf 234.188
  Nissin Compatibility Chart 2015.10 [Current Models]   .pdf 218.173
  Nissin Compatibility Chart 2015.10 [Discontinued Models]   .pdf 165.422
  Nissin Grey Market Notice 2015.01.09   .pdf 180.320
  Nissin Digital Flash Fake serial number on Nissin products   .pdf 1.014.485
  Nissin Digital Di28 Datenblatt   .pdf 47.644
  Nissin Digital Di28 Manual   .pdf 2.710.734
  Nissin Digital i40 Handbuch   .pdf 873.663
  Nissin Digital i40 Manual   .pdf 2.260.209
  Nissin Digital i400 Presseinfo (Hapa-Team)   .pdf 716.490
  Nissin Digital MG8000 Extreme Handbuch   .pdf 1.724.435
  Nissin Digital MG8000 Extreme Manual   .pdf 932.357
  Nissin Digital Speedlite Di466 Datenblatt   .pdf 50.448
  Nissin Digital Speedlite Di466 Handbuch   .pdf 1.844.230
  Nissin Digital Speedlite Di466 Manual   .pdf 2.400.186
  Nissin Digital Speedlite Di600 Handbuch   .pdf 1.117.355
  Nissin Digital Speedlite Di600 Manual   .pdf 2.439.752
  Nissin Digital Speedlite Di600 Pressemitteilung   .pdf 893.712
  Nissin Digital Speedlite Di622 Datenblatt   .pdf 52.943
  Nissin Digital Speedlite Di622 Handbuch   .pdf 5.407.661
  Nissin Digital Speedlite Di622 Manual   .pdf 2.108.251
  Nissin Digital Speedlite Di622 MOD #1   .mp4 29.520.698
  Nissin Digital Speedlite Di622 MOD #2   .mp4 28.139.728
  Nissin Digital Speedlite Di622 Mark II Handbuch v0211.1   .pdf 2.055.309
  Nissin Digital Speedlite Di622 Mark II Manual v0211.1   .pdf 2.016.862
  Nissin Digital Speedlite Di700 Handbuch   .pdf 782.236
  Nissin Digital Speedlite Di700 Manual   .pdf 1.904.452
  Nissin Digital Speedlite Di866 Datenblatt   .pdf 426.962
  Nissin Digital Speedlite Di866 Kurzanleitung v1.1   .pdf 1.371.405
  Nissin Digital Speedlite Di866 Manual v1.0   .pdf 4.629.289
  Nissin Digital Speedlite Di866 Quick Manual   .pdf 559.475
  Nissin Digital Speedlite Di866 Mark II Handbuch   .pdf 2.602.834
  Nissin Digital Speedlite Di866 Mark II Manual v1.1   .pdf 4.830.557
  Nissin Digital Speedlite Di866 Mark II Quick Manual v0811.1   .pdf 263.272
  Nissin Air Brochure 2016   .pdf 4.904.292
  Nissin Air 1 Commander Handbuch   .pdf 2.511.501
  Nissin Air 1 Commander Manual v1.2   .pdf 770.813
  Nissin Air 1 Commander Manual v1.2 Appendix 1   .pdf 399.007
  Nissin Air 1 Commander Manual v1.5   .pdf 779.678
  Nissin Air Di700A + Air 1 Brochure (Kenro)   .pdf 731.818
  Nissin Air Di700A Handbuch   .pdf 2.198.561
  Nissin Air Di700A Manual v1.3   .pdf 495.460
  Nissin Air Di700A + Air 1 Press Release 2015.02   .pdf 1.560.704
  Nissin Air i60A Manual v1.1   .pdf 1.709.881
  Nissin Air i60A Press Release [jp]   .pdf 528.179
  Nissin Air i60A Pressemitteilung (via HapaTeam)   .pdf 352.887
  Nissin Air i60A Quick Guide v1.1   .pdf 694.594
  Nissin Air Extreme Press Release 2017.02   .pdf 140.848
  Nissin Air MG10 Extreme Press Release 2018.02 [jp]   .pdf 304.016
  Nissin Air R for Canon Pagecopy (HapaTeam)   .pdf 241.422
  Nissin Air R Manual   .pdf 2.044.147
  Nissin Air R Quick Guide   .pdf 1.748.868
  Nissin MF18 Handbuch Rev.1.1   .pdf 2.928.828
  Nissin MF18 Manual Rev.1.1   .pdf 3.738.239
  Nissin PS8 Power Pack Manual Rev 1.0   .pdf 601.076
  Nissin PS300 Power Pack Brochure   .pdf 610.792
  Nissin PS300 Power Pack Datenblatt   .pdf 63.293
  Nissin PS300 Power Pack Manual Rev 1.3   .pdf 4.146.956
  Nissin SC01 Universal Shoe Cord Manual   .pdf 2.891.780
  Novoflex Brochure (10 5 69) Follow Focus Lenses   .pdf 3.771.130
  Novoflex Catalog (40 5 69) Wide-Angle, Tele, Macro   .pdf 2.337.112
  Novoflex Catalog 1969 (Burleigh Brooks Inc.)   .pdf 14.872.449
  Novoflex Catalog 1973.08   .pdf 6.188.525
  Novoflex Catalog 1978.01   .pdf 5.725.951
  Novoflex Gesamtkatalog Fotogeräte 1991.06   .pdf 7.682.062
  Novoflex Catalog 2015   .pdf 30.823.198
  Novoflex 35mm F3.5 Noflexar Brochure + Guide (30 10 64)   .pdf 1.541.936
  Novoflex Adapter Broschüre (2011)   .pdf 171.607
  Novoflex Adapters Brochure (2011)   .pdf 175.947
  Novoflex BALCAN-AF Automatic Bellows Brochure (2011)   .pdf 58.496
  Novoflex BAL-AUT Automatikbalgen Datenblatt (2007)   .pdf 2.294.051
  Novoflex BALCAN-AF Automatikbalgen Broschüre (2009)   .pdf 470.273
  Novoflex BALCAN-AF Automatikbalgen Broschüre (2011)   .pdf 56.685
  Novoflex BALPRO 1 Universal Bellows Datasheet (2009)   .pdf 499.131
  Novoflex BALPRO 1 Universal Bellows Datasheet (2011)   .pdf 116.641
  Novoflex BALPRO 1 Universal Bellows Datenblatt (2011)   .pdf 120.517
  Novoflex BALPRO T-S Tilt-Shift Bellows Datasheet (2009)   .pdf 483.743
  Novoflex BALPRO T-S Tilt-Shift Bellows Datasheet (2011)   .pdf 126.339
  Novoflex BALPRO T-S Tilt-Shift Bellows Datenblatt (2011)   .pdf 125.798
  Novoflex BALPRO T-S Tilt-Shift Bellows Handbuch   .pdf 4.011.508
  Novoflex Follow Focus Manual   .pdf 5.145.384
  Novoflex Shoulder & Chest Pods Manual   .pdf 2.329.521
  Novoflex PROSHIFT+ Datasheet   .pdf 54.076
  Novoflex Reverse Mount EOS Datasheet   .pdf 79.151
  NPC Proback by Forscher Pagecopy (2006)   .pdf 65.578
  Nyrius Aries Prime Manual   .pdf 1.455.894
  Nyrius Aries Prime Pairing Instructions   .pdf 246.260
  Nyrius Aries Pro Manual   .pdf 1.997.359
  Ojecoco H-430 Manual   .pdf 515.307
  Ojecoco H-550 Manual (partial rewrite)   .pdf 4.811.936
  Ojecoco H-550 Manual (website print)   .pdf 490.019
  Okii Systems FC1 Manual   .pdf 617.087
  Oloong SP-600RX Speedlite Pagecopy   .pdf 1.433.283
  Oloong SP-660 Speedlite Manual   .pdf 5.051.613
  Oloong SP-660 II Speedlite Manual   .pdf 6.418.082
  Oloong SP-680 Speedlite Manual   .pdf 3.177.584
  Oloong SP-690 Speedlite Manual   .pdf 2.374.174
  Oloong SP-690 II Speedlite Manual   .pdf 4.551.403
  Oloong SP-8000 Speedlite Pagecopy   .pdf 1.356.421
  Oloong Speedlite 551EX Manual (for Nikon)   .pdf 3.296.395
  Oloong Speedlite 551EX Manual [cn]   .pdf 4.701.300
  Olympus 90mm F2.0 Auto-Macro Zuiko Manual   .pdf 654.618
  ON Semiconductor KAC-06040 Datasheet   .pdf 904.644
  ON Semiconductor KAF-09000 Datasheet   .pdf 461.533
  ON Semiconductor KAF-16801 Datasheet   .pdf 852.120
  ON Semiconductor KAF-16803 Datasheet   .pdf 1.194.124
  ON Semiconductor KAI-08050 Datasheet   .pdf 714.461
  ON Semiconductor KAI-1020 Datasheet   .pdf 1.689.732
  ON Semiconductor KAI-11002 Datasheet   .pdf 723.935
  ON Semiconductor KAI-16000 Datasheet   .pdf 645.741
  ON Semiconductor KAI-2093 Datasheet   .pdf 1.289.397
  ON Semiconductor KAI-29050 Datasheet   .pdf 978.313
  ON Semiconductor MT9M001C12 Datasheet   .pdf 653.081
  ON Semiconductor MT9P031 Datasheet   .pdf 1.202.220
  ON Semiconductor Python CMOS Series Datasheet (10K, 12K, 16K + 25K)   .pdf 693.265
  ON Semiconductor Python 25K Leaflet   .pdf 80.442
  ON Semiconductor Vita CMOS Series Datasheet (12K + 16K)   .pdf 765.783
  ON Semiconductor Vita 25K Datasheet   .pdf 800.608
  ON Semiconductor Vita 25K Leaflet   .pdf 80.437
  ON Semiconductor Whitepaper - Truesense Sparse Color Filter Pattern   .pdf 3.404.290
  Oprema Jena 58mm F2.0 + 75mm F1.5 Biotar Pictured   .pdf 1.423.971
  Oprema Jena 58mm F2.0 Biotar Press Release [de]   .pdf 264.255
  Oprema Jena 58mm F2.0 Biotar Press Release [en]   .pdf 290.722
  Opteka 85mm F1.8 - Opteka Looking For Reviewers (Fstoppers)   .pdf 169.301
  Opteka 85mm F1.8 Details   .pdf 162.493
  OpTex Rental Catalogue 2004-2005   .pdf 3.583.465
  OptiTek Lensbaby Pro Adapter Kit (for Cine) Brochure v6   .pdf 72.584
  OptiTek ProLock EF Mark II Quick Guide (released by Sony)   .pdf 47.774
  OptiTek ProLock EF Mark III Manual   .pdf 1.598.007
  OptiTek ProLock EF Mark III Press Release (via VMI)   .pdf 231.323
  OptiTron 2 Manual   .pdf 1.312.905
  Orion DSLR Camera Cooler Manual   .pdf 720.090
  Orlit Lighting System Brochure 2017   .pdf 1.921.842
  Orlit TR-611C Manual   .pdf 3.349.091
  Oshiro 35mm F2.0 LD UNC AL Pagecopy   .pdf 774.493
  Oshiro 60mm F2.8 LD UNC Ultra-Macro Pagecopy   .pdf 448.724
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