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Just a comment on this list: Electronic documentation about Canon EOS and compatible equipment is widely spread on the net. If you need some manual or alike, just use Google and in many cases you'll find it. The list below is an index of my own collection of documents. It's here to give an idea of what is and what might not be available. For recent papers use the manufacturers' homepages. Look at the Documentation Resource Links at the end of each page. Don't just try i.e. Canon USA, try them all (Germany, Japan, Australia etc.). For "ancient" documents use Some of the links retrieved by will still work in real life (on OEM's websites - just cut out the part of the address), although the OEMs don't link to the documents on their own sites anymore. Google PDF Search also reveals a lot of custom archived documents. In case you can't find a thing, feel free to drop a file request by mail.
Maybe all this stuff will be available by ftp in the future, but - due to copyright restrictions, actual availability, file space and traffic considerations - not too soon.

Document File Type Size (b)
  G.L Optics Cinemods Pagecopy 2017.12   .pdf 1.006.879
  Geoptik Catalog 2014   .pdf 5.188.985
  Genesis Imaging Gear Catalog 2014   .pdf 1.625.685
  Genesis GF200 + 400 Manual [de-en]   .pdf 4.351.851
  Genesis Speedlight SP692C Manual [de-en]   .pdf 19.944.609
  Geoptik Polar Photo Box Guide   .pdf 3.590.467
  GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr CD111 QuickStart Guide   .pdf 3.759.531
  GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr DPL700 QuickStart Guide   .pdf 3.377.421
  GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr Mini DPL900 QuickStart Guide   .pdf 3.157.258
  GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr Software Manual v2.3   .rar 6.202.269
  Godox Catalog 26th Ed. 2016.01   .pdf 23.815.635
  Godox Catalog 26th Ed. 2016.06   .pdf 32.902.535
  Godox Catalog 27th Ed. 2017.06   .pdf 34.610.717
  Godox Catalog 28th Ed. 2018.06 (partly)   .pdf 127.287.453
  Godox Cells Manual   .pdf 5.613.105
  Godox Cells II C Manual   .pdf 20.917.144
  Godox CT-04 Manual   .pdf 725.707
  Godox FC-16 Manual   .pdf 6.291.763
  Godox FT-16 Manual   .pdf 6.182.764
  Godox ProPac PB820 Manual   .pdf 2.834.815
  Godox ProPac PB960 Manual   .pdf 891.446
  Godox PT-16 Manual   .pdf 1.106.799
  Godox Reemix RMI Datasheet (from Photozuela Catalog 2011)   .pdf 670.562
  Godox Reemix RMI Manual   .pdf 5.041.879
  Godox Reemix RMII Manual   .pdf 4.914.772
  Godox Thinklite TT350C Manual   .pdf 2.309.257
  Godox Thinklite TT350C Pagecopy   .pdf 801.811
  Godox Thinklite TT680C Manual   .pdf 3.517.774
  Godox Thinklite TT685C Manual   .pdf 5.380.137
  Godox Ving V350C Manual   .pdf 11.963.101
  Godox Ving V350C Pagecopy   .pdf 937.004
  Godox Ving V860C Brochure 2014.02.14   .pdf 882.684
  Godox Ving V860C Manual   .pdf 13.568.553
  Godox Ving V860IIC Manual   .pdf 10.380.259
  Godox Witstro AD180 Brochure (VFE)   .pdf 2.088.054
  Godox Witstro AD180 Brochure (VFE) (also covers Witstro AD360)   .pdf 2.779.580
  Godox Witstro AD180 Manual   .pdf 6.893.838
  Godox Witstro AD180 Pagecopy (also covers Witstro AD360)   .pdf 2.359.978
  Godox Witstro AD360 Brochure (VFE)   see Witstro AD180 Brochure (VFE)
  Godox Witstro AD360 Manual   .pdf 5.058.743
  Godox Witstro AD360 Pagecopy   see Witstro AD180 Pagecopy
  Godox Witstro AD360II-C Manual   .pdf 18.451.602
  Godox Witstro AD360II-C Pagecopy   .pdf 1.677.604
  Godox X1-XT32-FT16 System Chart   .pdf 297.092
  Godox X1C Manual   .pdf 3.035.390
  Godox XPro C Manual   .pdf 2.136.460
  Godox XT16 + XT16S Manual   .pdf 3.892.622
  Godox XT32 Manual   .pdf 2.365.752
  Good Lens Cinemod Optical Service Catalog 2015.04 (CineGearPro)   .pdf 700.224
  Good Lens Cinemod Optical Service Catalog 2015.04 (G.L Optics)   .pdf 13.370.497
  GoWing Lens Holder Promo   .pdf 221.677
  GPSBabel v1.4.2 Manual   .pdf 1.236.957
  Hähnel Dealer Technical Workbook 2013   .pdf 6.062.589
  Hähnel Dealer Technical Workbook 2013   .pdf 6.062.589
  Hähnel Brochure 2016   .pdf 6.247.291
  Hähnel Katalog 2014   .pdf 3.048.511
  Hähnel Katalog 2016   .pdf 3.651.504
  Hähnel Captur Brochure 2015 (Preliminary)   .pdf 3.240.314
  Hähnel Captur Brochure 2016   .pdf 7.765.386
  Hähnel Captur Broschüre 2016   .pdf 7.807.522
  Hähnel Captur Manual   .pdf 7.851.274
  Hähnel Captur Photokina 2014 Announcement (scan)   .pdf 1.952.126
  Hähnel Captur Press Releases   .pdf 373.715
  Hähnel Captur Pro Manual   .pdf 2.860.826
  Hähnel Captur System Chart   .pdf 6.143.621
  Hähnel Captur Timer Kit Brochure   .pdf 1.735.859
  Hähnel Captur Timer Kit Manual   .pdf 963.366
  Hähnel Captur Timer Kit vs. Giga T Pro II Datasheet   .pdf 1.091.343
  Hähnel Combi TF Brochure 2010   .pdf 226.083
  Hähnel Combi TF Brochure 2012   .pdf 238.771
  Hähnel Combi TF Brochure 2015   .pdf 1.721.499
  Hähnel Combi TF Manual   .pdf 1.506.421
  Hähnel Combi TF Receiver Manual   .pdf 168.285
  Hähnel Extreme Li-Ion Batteries Datasheet   .pdf 2.255.669
  Hähnel Extreme Li-Ion Batteries Manual   .pdf 3.177.636
  Hähnel Extreme Li-Ion Power Kit Leaflet   .pdf 1.765.967
  Hähnel Modus 600 RT Brochure   .pdf 434.317
  Hähnel Modus 600 RT Leaflet   .pdf 1.444.039
  Hähnel Modus 600 RT Manual   .pdf 51.367.647
  Hähnel Tuff TTL Brochure   .pdf 236.619
  Hähnel Tuff TTL Leaflet 2016   .pdf 3.600.063
  Hähnel Tuff TTL Manual   .pdf 337.489
  Hähnel Viper Compatibility Chart 12.2012   .pdf 56.686
  Hähnel Viper Leaflet 2012   .pdf 221.082
  Hähnel Viper Manual [multilang]   .pdf 945.835
  Hähnel Viper TTL Leaflet   .pdf 1.483.362
  Hähnel Viper TTL Manual   .pdf 6.612.895
  Haida Catalog 2016-2017   .pdf 23.612.225
  Haida 150 Full Metal Filter Holder For Canon TS-E 17mm F4.0L Manual   .pdf 4.086.101
  Haida 150 Series Full Metal Filter Holder Manual   .pdf 3.434.962
  Haida 150 Series Full Metal Filter Holders Pagecopy 2017.11   .pdf 806.934
  HandeVision Ibelux 40mm F0.85 IBE Press Release   .pdf 36.592
  HandeVision Ibelux 40mm F0.85 IBE Pressemitteilung   .pdf 12.818.177
  HandeVision Ibelux 40mm F0.85 Kipon Press Release   .pdf 5.866.280
  HandeVision Iberit Brochure 2015.11   .pdf 1.605.187
  HandeVision Iberit Broschüre 2015.11   .pdf 1.621.542
  HandeVision Iberit Press Release 2015.12   .pdf 2.120.804
  HandeVision Iberit Pressemitteilung 2015.12   .pdf 2.121.042
  Hanimex - A Guide To Hanimex Lenses (butkus scan)   .pdf 7.491.874
  Hanse Inno Tech Catalogue 2016.12 (Celere HS and more)   .pdf 4.484.131
  Hanse Inno Tech Catalogue 2017.01 (Celere HS and more)   .pdf 4.478.120
  Hanse Inno Tech Celere HS Pagecopy 2017.06   .pdf 379.647
  Hanse Inno Tech Compact Collimators 1 & 2 Pagecopy   .pdf 683.975
  HapaTeam Katalog 2016 - Create Your Big Moments (Foto)   .pdf 19.593.621
  HapaTeam Katalog 2016 - The Broadcaster (Audio, Video, Film)   .pdf 3.789.845
  Hartblei Kiev (About)   .pdf 162.651
  Hartblei Kiev Pricelist 2000 - 2001   .pdf 71.658
  Hartblei Kiev Pricelist 2002 - 2006   .pdf 72.677
  Hartblei Kiev Pricelist 2007 - 2014   .pdf 77.888
  Hartblei Kiev Super-Rotator Operation Instructions   .pdf 514.035
  Hartblei Kiev 35mm F2.8 TS-PC MC Super-Rotator Pagecopy   .pdf 73.552
  Hartblei Kiev 35mm F2.8 TS-PC MC Digital Super-Rotator Pagecopy   .pdf 300.628
  Hartblei Kiev 35mm F2.8 TS-PC MC Digital Cine Super-Rotator Pagecopy   .pdf 161.977
  Hartblei Kiev 45mm F3.5 TS-PC MC Superrotator Manual   .pdf 427.701
  Hartblei Kiev 45mm F3.5 TS-PC MC Digital Super-Rotator Pagecopy   .pdf 857.587
  Hartblei Kiev 45mm F3.5 TS-PC MC Digital Cine Super-Rotator Pagecopy   .pdf 387.953
  Hartblei Kiev 65mm F3.5 TS-PC MC Super-Rotator Pagecopy   .pdf 79.857
  Hartblei Kiev 80mm F2.8 TS-PC MC Super-Rotator Pagecopy   .pdf 71.453
  Hartblei Kiev 80mm F2.8 TS-PC MC Digital Super-Rotator Pagecopy   .pdf 990.296
  Hartblei Kiev 80mm F2.8 TS-PC MC Digital Cine Super-Rotator Pagecopy   .pdf 471.550
  Hartblei Kiev 120mm F2.8 TS-PC MC Super-Rotator Pagecopy   .pdf 73.292
  Hartblei Kiev Lens Hood 82mm Pagecopy   .pdf 163.262
  Hartblei Cam Brochure 2010   .pdf 432.889
  Hartblei Cam EF Lens Compatibility List 2011   .pdf 38.238
  Hartblei Cam Press Release 2009.09.14   .pdf 27.135
  Hartblei Pricelist 2012.05   .pdf 28.385
  Hartblei Pricelist 2013.03   .pdf 29.747
  Hartblei-Zeiss Super-Rotator Prototypes Pressemitteilung 2007.04   .pdf 37.507
  Hartblei-Zeiss Super-Rotators Brochure 2007   .pdf 14.528.007
  Hartblei-Zeiss Super-Rotators Brochure 2008   .pdf 206.872
  Hartblei-Zeiss Super-Rotators Brochure 2010   .pdf 446.666
  Hartblei-Zeiss Super-Rotator Lens Hoods 2009   .pdf 544.179
  Harvest One Cactus AF45 Manual   .pdf 1.728.885
  Harvest One Cactus KF36 Manual   .pdf 1.726.889
  Harvest One Cactus V4 Manual   .pdf 2.949.792
  Harvest One Cactus V5 Handbuch 2014   .pdf 1.602.631
  Harvest One Cactus V5 Manual 2011   .pdf 2.174.816
  Harvest One Cactus V5 Manual 2013   .pdf 3.868.987
  Harvest One Cactus Lv5 Handbuch 2014   .pdf 3.406.080
  Harvest One Cactus Lv5 Manual 2013 v2   .pdf 3.301.932
  Harvest One Cactus Lv5 Manual 2013 v3   .pdf 3.256.662
  Harvest One Cactus RF60X Press Release   .pdf 164.089
  Harvest One Cactus V6 Firmware Release Notes   .pdf 600.526
  Harvest One Cactus V6 Handbuch 2014   .pdf 2.386.610
  Harvest One Cactus V6 Manual 2016   .pdf 3.297.491
  Harvest One Cactus V6 Manual 2014   .pdf 2.818.816
  Harvest One Cactus V6 II Kurzanleitung   .pdf 2.420.896
  Harvest One Cactus V6 II Manual 2016   .pdf 3.915.002
  Harvest One Cactus V6 II Press Release   .pdf 150.149
  Harvest One Cactus V6 II Press Release (X-TTL Firmware Updates)   .pdf 68.702
  Harvest One Cactus V6 II Quickstart Guide   .pdf 2.364.147
  Harvest One Cactus V6 II Canon X-TTL Quick Start Guide   .pdf 1.427.805
  Hasselblad X1D Manual 2017 v1.7   .pdf 36.130.885
  Hasselblad XCD Lenses Press Release 2017.03   .pdf 474.899
  Hasselblad XCD Lenses Press Release 2017.11   .pdf 270.107
  Hengyijia 25mm F1.8 HD.MC Pagecopy (eBay)   .pdf 779.908
  Hengyijia 35mm F1.8 HD.MC Pagecopy (eBay)   .pdf 669.897
  Holga Catalogue 2010   .pdf 1.960.013
  Holga Catalog 2011.05   .pdf 278.248
  Holga HL-C Color Editions   .pdf 1.162.628
  Horseman Axella Catalog 2014   .pdf 11.174.497
  Horseman Axella System Chart   .pdf 63.840
  Horseman LD Manual [jp-en]   .pdf 572.539
  Horseman LD Press Release (2005.03.04)   .pdf 154.071
  Horseman LD System Chart and Specs   .pdf 136.662
  Horseman TS-Pro Lens Support   .pdf 56.206
  Horseman TS-Pro Manual [jp-en]   .pdf 3.355.678
  Horseman VCC PRO Manual [jp-en]   .pdf 1.194.185
  Horseman VCC PRO Press Release (2009.08.17)   .pdf 69.354
  Horseman VCC Pro System Chart and Specs   .pdf 90.342
  Hutech Canon EOS Performance-Enhanced DSLR Cameras   .pdf 216.189
  Hutech IDAS EOS-MFA Mount Filter Adapter Kit Manual   .pdf 208.507
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