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Alpa is around producing medium format cameras since the 1980s, but the Alpa Canon EF story just started with the Alpa 12 FPS (2012) and its dedicated electronic Canon EF mount module. The Alpa 12 are a highly modular series of cameras for the professional photographer, which come in a number of fashions to be combined with a huge list of accessories. The Alpa 12 FPS is only one of them, but unlike the other models - including the 2017's Alpa Silex, which basically is an Alpa 12 FPS without focal plane shutter built-in - it has that shutter built-in (hence the name), which allows it to use lenses that do not feature a shutter mechanism, e.g. the likes of Canon EF. The Alpa 12 FPS can be used as a stand-alone body as well as being mounted to the other existing Alpa 12 models to serve as a shutter and lens control unit. Yet that's not the full setup of required core components. Like the Hartblei Cam the Alpa cameras are meant to mount either a roll film or a digital back to its rear, which offers a full range of media to record to - from 6x7 and 6x9 film to 37x37mm and further up to 40x54mm digital backs from Hasselblad, Leaf or Phase One.
Due to the large image circle of medium format digital backs Hartblei recommends to use a special selection of lenses with their cameras, which will not make a difference with the Alpa cameras. These lenses include the Hartblei-Zeiss lenses, Canon's EF 8-15 and TS-E series, Zeiss ZE 85 and 100 Makro and the Conurus Zeiss 70-300. Just in case you have access to such lenses, the Bokkeh Optics Bokkelux cine lenses or Tokina Vista Cinema Primes also come to mind. Other, more commonly available lenses will work as well, but might at least require a crop of the image to eliminate vignetting effects.
Alpa 12 FPS Features:
The Alpa 12 FPS is a mirrorless medium format camera for use with digital backs. Since it uses an adapter to mount Canon EF lenses it is as well capable to get hooked up with true medium format lenses inbetween, to profit of their wider image circles or even faster shutter speeds than the camera's own shutter can provide (you can still use leaf shutters with it). Actually this camera doesn't look like it was made with Canon system users in mind, but to convert those into full medium format addicts. If there wasn't money nor weight and volume. But that's a different story ;).
  • Lens Mount: FPS Short Barrel 17
  • Sensor: optional, refer to the compatible digital back's capabilities
  • Viewfinder: optional
  • LCD: shows operational data only (illumination can be switched on/off):
  • exposure mode, shutter speed, aperture, exposure time, power level and more
  • to change any setting, including focus control, you need to enter the menu
  • for preview/review refer to the digital back's capabilities
  • Shutter Type: Focal Plane
  • Shutter Speeds: 128 - 1/4000s
  • Release Time Lag:
  • Frames per Second:
  • Exposure Compensation:
  • AEB: ±81 (9 brackets below and 9 above 0 at max., with a max. of ±9 per bracket)
  • Flash Metering:
  • X-Sync: 1/125s
  • HSS:
  • FEC:
  • 2nd Curtain Sync: supported (can be programmed via XML)
  • Size: 204 x 109 x 26mm
  • Weight: 750g
  • Power Supply: Sony L-Series 7.4V Li-Ion batteries (2x 2600mA included), AC adapter is optional
  • Memory:
  • Connections:
  • Lemo 1pin for sync'ing digital backs
  • Lemo 3pin for remote control (shutter release and camera on/off)
  • Lemo 14pin for triggering ext. electronic leaf shutters (as of 2015 this wasn't operational yet)
  • PC port for lighting needs
  • RJ45 for remote control via LAN/WiFi (supports both DHCP and BOOTP)
  • USB for firmware upgrades and for uploading sync programs (multiple flash exposure cycles can be preconfigured by XML files) - the manual only refers to using USB sticks on that port, connections to a PC or MAC are not mentioned
  • cold shoe on top for accessories
Alpa 12 FPS adapter CAN:
The Alpa's Canon EF mount adapter supports electronic control of the lens' aperture and focus. By electronic focus control they refer to remote control via the camera menu without the need to focus on the lens. There is no auto focus as such. It further seems like compatibility of the adapter (or the camera body itself) is limited to more recent or premium lens models. Reading the manual kinda leaves the impression, that all lenses capable to transmit distance data for E-TTL II are compatible.
  • Size: 110 x 100 x 15mm
  • weight: 145g
Optional Equipment:
  • Viewfinder: Optical 120° Viewfinder or iPhone Holder Mark II (can be used instead of a viewfinder)
  • Digital Back Adapters: Phase One M645, Leaf M645, Leaf/Sinar AFi/Hy6, Hasselblad H and V
  • Analog Back: Screenholder with ground glass 72 x 90mm and removable fresnell lens
  • Lens Mounts: FPS Short Barrel 34, Nikon F, Pentax 67, M645, Hasselblad V
  • Extensions: Macro adapters in several sizes from 6 to 52mm, Tilt/Swing adapter
  • Getting into it: Alpa 12 TC, STC, WA, SWA, MAX and XY can be mounted infront of the FPS to extend functionality*
  • AC Adapter (100 - 240V AC with exchangeable regional power plugs)
    *These bodies are limited to FPS 17, FPS 34, vintage Alpa Pignons 35mm, M645 and Hasselblad V mount lenses.

There is a video about the Alpa 12 FPS available on Youtube:
Under the project name of Alpa Platon Alpa is currently developing new camera models based on the ALPA 12 TC featuring fixed lens mounts, with Canon EF among the options (status quo as of 12.2017). No further information was given at the point.