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Lens Model Availability Mounts1 Function Angle Of View2 Max. Magnif. Aperture:
Min. | Blades | Form
Min. Dist. (cm) Filter (mm) Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Weight (g) Lens Hood Produced Comments Tests3
Asahi 85mm f/4.5 Ultra Achromatic (Auto) Takumar   M42 UV/IR 29   22     60 49 60 60.5 248 screw-in 1968 – 1975 UV-VIS-IR range covered: 220 - 1000nm; full focus rotation of ~240° Modern Photography
Asahi 300mm f/5.6 Ultra Achromatic (Auto) Takumar   M42 UV/IR 8   22     485 58     825 retractable   UV-VIS-IR range covered: 400 - 850nm; full focus rotation of ~280°; comes with some sort of tripod mount/removable collar Modern Photography
Cambron 21mm Super Wide Lens (f/11 ?)     T Lomo     fixed     fixed         built-in   Made in Japan; Ebay seller: "[...] possibly the worst glass lens in the world [...]. Every aberration in the book is present: Chromatic, spherical, lateral color, coma, distortion, astigmatism and curvature of field [...]" ... SCNR, had to put it right in here^^
Carl Zeiss 25mm f/2.8 Distagon T* ZF-IR/ZS-IR     M42 | N/F IR 80.2 1:2.3 22 9 polygonal 17 58 65 66 480   2007/2013* *prototypes from 2007/regular production 2008 (originally intended to be available only to commercial and industrial customers on special request, but at least SH Photo did offer them as well), ZS-IR versions were officially announced in 2013;
all regular ZF models were announced to be available as ZF-IR versions, though only these 3 listed here indeed made it into public markets;
identical to the standard versions, but feature a special IR coating and small screws to fix focus and aperture ring; focus is not optimized for IR photography;
see Dedicated Lenses > Other Brands for more info about Industrial versions of those lenses (the 2.8/25 is the only one not listed there, since been never released as ZE)
Diglloyd review
Carl Zeiss 50mm f/1.4 Planar T* ZF-IR/ZS-IR     M42 | N/F IR 45.4 1:6.7 16 9 polygonal 45 58 66 69 350   2008/2013*  
Carl Zeiss 85mm f/1.4 Planar T* ZF-IR/ZS-IR     M42 | N/F IR 28.6 1:9.9 22 9 polygonal 100 72 77 62 570   2007/2013* Diglloyd review
CoastalOpt 60mm f/4.0 UV-VIS-IR Apo Macro   N/F UV/IR   1:1.5 45     26.4 52 68.4 73.4 535   2008 UV range covered: 315 - 400nm, IR range covered: 700 - 1100nm (400 - 700nm VISable range); optical design by Caldwell Photographic Diglloyd review
CoastalOpt 105mm f/4* UV-Micro-Apo   N/F UV     32     50 52 68.6 133.6     2003 *lens is labeled f/4, but starts at f/4.5 according to the tech specs; UV range covered: 250 - 650nm; also available in C mount  
Kowa 50mm f/1.9 LM50-IR     M42 | N/F IR   1:7.1 16     50 52 58.5 117.5 ~600     intended for machine vision and surveillance; IR corrected for 400 - 1000nm; feat. fixing screws for focus and iris position  
Kowa 65mm f/1.9 LM65-IR     M42 | N/F IR     16     70 67 69 112.2 ~600     intended for machine vision and surveillance; IR corrected for 400 - 1000nm; feat. fixing screws for focus and iris position  
Nikon 105mm f/4.5 UV-Nikkor   N/AiS UV 23.2 1:2 32 7   48 52 68.5 108 515   1984 - 1999 UV range covered: 220 - 420nm; 1984 are prototypes (105mm f/4.5 UV-Micro), regular production started in 1985 (lenses were only produced on special order, about 3031 pieces in total)  
Nippon Kogaku 55mm f/4.0 Auto UV-Nikkor     N/F UV 43 1:2 32     36 52 66 56.2 230   1965 UV range covered: 220 - 400nm  
Seibold's 90mm f/4.0 Dreamagon     T2 Soft Focus     11 2x 3 sectors 80 52 58 75 245 screw-in* 1998 - 2004 *optionally available; manufactured for Dreamagon Graphics/Dry Mounting  
Sima 100mm f/2.0 Soft Focus + Macro     T Soft Focus     5.6 -/- pinhole   drop-in           lens made of only 1 element; all plastic construction; 2 pinhole cards (f/4.0 and f/5.6) + ND filter included; filters and pinhole cards are clamped via detachable front ring; very prone to flare, can be fixed by lining the inner surface of the barrel with flock paper or similar material
Skink Pinhole Pancake (42mm f/145)     M42 Pinhole 54   145* -/- pinhole   -/-     176 -/- 2006 (older?) *0.3mm; modular set featuring an add-on helicoid macro tube extendible from 37 - 90mm and plastic camera mount adapter; some sets optionally include a zone plate (13 zones) or a zone sieve (19 zones); rugift additionally offers sets with metal adapter and zone plates of f/55 and f/71
Spiratone 100mm f/4.0 Portragon     T Soft Focus     fixed -/- round 90 Ser. VI       screw-in, round   lens itself just labeled Portragon (not branded Spiratone), also sold by Hama in their own branded packaging; feat. helicoid focusing with a ~170° focus throw see sample images here and here ...
Tochigi-Nikon 105mm f/4.5 UV Rayfact [PF10545MF-UV]     N/F UV 23.2 1:2 32     48 52 68.5 116.5 515 HS-14 2006 UV-VIS-IR range covered 220 - 900nm; working distance of 27.4cm; Company Seven reports a to them known serial number range allowing at least 119 pieces produced in total  

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2.) Limited EOS compatibility: Useless to say, all lenses in this list are limited in their EOS compatibility. There will be no AF nor In-Focus-Indication and there will be no time priority nor full auto mode due to missing electronic coupling between lens and body. Auto apertures are not available (while this feature will still be very useful for manual focusing).
Also, I don't make a distinction between fully manual and preset aperture mechanisms, they are just referred to as manual diaphragms.
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