Manual Focus Lenses: Mount Denotations

C/EF: Canon EF

C/FD: Canon FD

C/Y: Contax/Yashica

F/X: Fujica-X

K/AR: Konica

L/R: Leica R

M/SR: Minolta MC/MD

M42: Pentax Screw Mount 42x1mm

N/Ai(S): Nikon AI(S)

N/F: Nikon F

O/OM: Olympus OM

P6: Pentacon 6

P/K: Pentax K

P/K-A: Pentax K/Rikoh hybrids (will need modification of the aperture pin)

R/B: Rollei

T/T2: T mount 42x0.75mm

TX: Bayonet mount with interchangeable mount adapters introduced by Vivitar, lenses were also produced by Soligor and are compatible to the older T4 mount adapters (but not vice versa ... see mount identification page by Rick Oleson).

YS: Yamaki System, a screw mount introduced by Sigma. Lenses were produced by several brands. Vivitar, Sun, Sigma, Accura, Lentar and Spiratone turn up frequently. It's a T mount which provides an automatic aperture mode and sometimes open aperture metering by an additional aperture pin usually known from M42. Adapters are available to almost every vintage mount (see for details).

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