More Film Scanners Yet To Add To The List: Process Log

Missing Model Source/Data found
Acer ScanWit 2750i came with MiraPhoto; distributed by BenQ (rebadges around as well?)
Kodak Advantix Film Drive FD 300 APS only, 2400dpi, 24bit, Win95/98
Kodak PCD 1000 Spectral Masters Yellow Slide Shootout
Kodak PCD 2000  
Kodak PCD 4045  
Leaf 4x5 Film Scanner  
Leaf Lumina  
Pacific Image Electronics 1800u/i/s, 2700, 3600u Cyberview X SF
Pacific Image Electronics 3650u Cyberview X SF; ICE3
Pacific Image Electronics 1800AFL, 3610AFL, 3600Pro Cyberview X MF;
Pacific Image Electronics 3650Pro3 Cyberview X MF; ICE3
Pacific Image Electronics PS3600, PS3650 Cyberview X MS; 3600: Shutterbug; 3650: ICE3
Polaroid Sprintscan 120 CCFL, introduced in 2000, identical to Microtek ArtixScan 120tf