Vintage & Other Adaptable Lenses: Process Log

General Notes

1) The data given at does not seem to be very correct at times. Due to this fact data found for macro lenses that were tested there might be incorrect.

2) About generic 100-500mm MF zooms:
"There are a few 100-500 zooms floating around (Cambron, Samyang, Vivitar [produced by Cosina], Phoenix (F5.6-8.0) etc.). Nice range but none of them are very good. Really not worth considering unless you don't demand much in the way of optical performance [...]" (source: Bob Atkins)

example: Phoenix 100-500mm F5.6-8.0 MF Lens slide zoom
unlike exception: Vivitar 120-600mm F5.6-8.0 MF Series 1 ... this lens was produced by Tokina and is reported to give comparatively good results

3) YS mount shorties collected:

  • Sun YS-MC: Minolta MC
  • Sun YS-PE: M42
  • YS-FTb: Canon FD
  • YS-KF: Konica
  • YS-Lf: Leicaflex
  • YS-OM1: Olympus

Informations regarding the 90mm-105mm Macros of Kino, Vivitar & Co.

1) at Boggy states the following:

  • Vivitar 90mm 2.5 Series 1 was made by Tokina, followed by
  • Vivitar 90mm 2.8 produced by Komine, followed by
  • Vivitar 90mm 2.5 produced by Komine, uprated version of #2, followed by
  • Vivitar 100mm 2.8 produced by Kino, modified version of the Kiron 105mm F2.8 Macro, followed by
  • Vivitar 105mm 2.5 Series 1 also produced by Kino, uprated version of the above

... and that the Komine produced Vivitar 90/2.5 served as base model for the 1:1 derivates like Elicar, Rokunar and Soligor

Additional info on later request about approx. production periods for these lenses:

  • Tokina made 90mm F2.5 1976-78
  • Komine made 90mm F2.8 1977-79
  • Komine made 90mm F2.5 1980-83
  • Kino made 100mm F2.8 1985-87
  • Kino made 105mm F2.5 1987-9?

2) at Wilhelm Zedler states:

  • Soligor 90mm F2.5 C/D Macro
  • Soligor 105mm F2.8 C/D Macro
  • Panagor 90mm F2.8 (wrong? see 3) below, 1) ahead, but also 4) below)
  • Elicar 55mm F2.8
  • Elicar 90mm F2.5 were all produced by Kino

3) at Nan states:

  • Vivitar 90mm F2.5 = Elicar 90mm F2.5 = Soligor 90mm F2.5 = Spiratone 90mm F2.5 ... (made by Komine, not verified)
  • Vivitar 90mm F2.5 Series 1 = Tokina AT-X 90mm F2.5 ... (made by Tokina, Vivitar SN verified, Tokina AT-X model not identical though, just based on the Viv S1)
  • Vivitar 90mm F2.8 = Panagor 90mm F2.8 ... (made by Komine, Vivitar SN verified)
  • Vivitar 100mm F2.8 = Kiron 105mm F2.8 = Avenon 100mm F2.8 ... (made by Kino, Vivitar SN verified)
  • Vivitar 105mm F2.5 Series 1 = ? ... (see 1, same as above)

4) at Boggy states:

  • Panagor 90mm F2.8 "allegedly" manufactured by Kino (see 2)

Pending Entries: Macro Lenses Data found
agof-scha 50mm F2.8 most probably the A. Schacht Ulm Edixa-M-Travenar-A
1967-72, preset, normal travenar, macro
M42, min.dist.=15cm, F22, old style zebra look
Cambron 55mm F2.8 both listed since 2000.11 (still recent in 2011), max. magnification is 1:1
Cambron 90mm F2.5
Cambron 100mm F3.5 listed online from 1999 - 2000
Kalimar 50mm F3.5 1977, preset kaligar
Kyvyx Cor 50mm F3.5 Auto Komura 1969
Novoflex 105mm F3.5 Auto Noflexar Macro 1967
Panagor 90mm F2.5 M42 (no source available to proof its existence, no clue where I got the tip from)
Promura 135mm F2.8 Auto Tele Macro 1984
Rokunar 55mm F2.8 Auto Macro 1984-1988, "V-HQ Macro MC": 62mm, 1:1, 6 blades, looks like Vivitar, Elicar etc, for Minolta
Rokunar 90mm F2.5 Auto Macro 1984-1988
Rokunar 135mm F2.8 Auto Macro 1975-1980
Sigma 55mm F2.8 Auto 1975
Sigma 100mm F2.8 Macro sold w/ "Sun YS-MC" M/MC mount piece, F22
Sigma 135mm F2.8 XQ Auto Tele Macro 1976, found YS Scalematic Macro & YS Telephoto versions going to 1:3 only
Soligor 100mm F2.8 Auto C/D Macro 1975-77
Steinheil 55mm F1.9 (Auto) Macro-Quinon 1967-72, 1:1, old style zebra look
Spiratone 90mm Macro ??
Toyo 135mm F2.8 Macro Telephoto 1982-1983 listed by

Pending Entries: Superwide Lenses Data found
Spiratone 17mm F3.5 Pluracoat Ultra Wideangle 67mm filter, C/FD 78€ (US)
Vivitar 17mm F2.8 listed by McBroom's Camera Bluebook (Ed. 2000)
Yashica 15mm F2.8 ML Fisheye  

Pending Entries: Wide Lenses Data found
Formula 5 35mm F1.8 Auto 1977-82
Komura 24mm F2.5 Komuranon 1979-1984* (*source:
Komura 28mm F2.5 Komuranon 1978-1984* (*source:
Komura 35mm F2.5 Super 1970-1984* (*source:
Komura 35mm F2.5 Unidapter 1977-1984* (*source:
Mitakon 24mm F2.5 MC Auto spotted on Ebay, Mitakon MC in orange letters, Nikon AI, Ø62mm
Rokunar 35mm F2.5 1966-1970 listed at
Sonnagor 25mm F2.5 1977-1982 listed at
Sonnagor 35mm F2.5 1966-1971 listed at
Spiratone 28mm F2.0 Pluracoat 1977-82 listed at
Spiratone 35mm F1.8 Pluracoat 1977-82 listed at
Vivitar 28mm 2.5 preset version? (

Pending Entries: Standard Lenses Data found
Angenieux 25mm F1.4 mounts?
Angenieux 90mm F1.8 M42 >500g, MinDist. <91cm, 50s-60s highend lens; manual diaphragm; other mounts?
Angenieux 90mm F2.5 Type Y12 M42, F22, 1977-1982* (*source:
Astro Berlin 65mm F0.75 Tachon for 35mm cinematography ... mount?*
Astro Berlin 25mm F0.95 Tachon for 35mm cinematography ... mount?*
Astro Berlin 35mm F0.95 Tachon for 35mm cinematography ... mount?*
Astro Berlin 52mm F0.95 Tachon for 35mm cinematography ... mount?*
Astro Berlin 72mm F0.95 Tachon for 35mm cinematography ... mount?*
*see "Astro-Objektive gab es mit Anpassungen für [...] Edixa-Reflex, Contax S, Pentacon, Praktica, Asahi Pentax, Yashica Reflex, Praktiflex, Praktina, Exa, Exakta, Topcon, Mamiya Reflex, Exakta Aussenbajonett, Exakta Real, Nikon F, Nikkormat, Nikkorrex [...]"
Novoflex 340mm 5.6 Follow-Focus  
Zeiss 100mm f2.0 C/Y, very sharp wide open, 700€ (UK)

Pending Entries: Tele Lenses Data found
Aetna 450mm F6.5 (Super-Coligon?) T-mount, F32
Aetna 500mm F8.0 Coligon 1966
Amitar 500mm F5.0 Astragon 1966-1971
Amitar 500mm F5.0 Astragon 1977
Amitar 500mm F8.0 Tele-Astranar 1975-1980
Amitar 500mm F8.0 Tele-Astranar D 1980-1985 (??...source:
Amitar 600mm F8.0 Tele-Astranar 1975-1980
Amitar 600mm F8.0 Tele-Astranar D 1980-1985 (??...source:
Amitar 600mm F5.0 (8.0?) Astragon 1977-82
Amitar 800mm F5.0 Astragon 1977-1982
Amitar 800mm F8.0 Tele-Astranar 1975-1980
Amitar 800mm F8.0 Tele-Astranar D 1980-1985 (??...source:
Amitar 800mm F8.0 1977
Amitar 1000mm F6.3 Astragon 1966-1971
Astro Berlin 400mm F5.0 Fernbildlinse  
Astro Berlin 500mm F5.0 Fernbildlinse  
Astro Berlin 640mm F5.0 Fernbildlinse  
Astro Berlin 800mm F5.0 C Fernbildlinse Rearfilter F32 no mount specified ("freely adaptable to 35mm & 6x6")
Astro Berlin 1000mm F5.0 Fernbildlinse  
Bass 500mm F8.0 Mirror 1977
Birns & Sawyer 400mm F4.5 omnitar 1969-1981 made in USA (silver "Hammerschlag-Optik") F22
Birns & Sawyer 400mm F5.0 omnitar 1969-1981
Birns & Sawyer 400mm F5.5 omnitar 1969-1981
Birns & Sawyer 500mm F5.0 omnitar 1969-1981 "AGE 129" made in Germany (silver "Hammerschlag-Optik") F22
Birns & Sawyer 600mm F5.0 omnitar 1969-1981
Birns & Sawyer 800mm F5.0 omnitar 1969-1981 (?) made in USA (white)
Birns & Sawyer 800mm F5.0 omnitar 1969-1981 (?) made in Germany (silver "Hammerschlag-Optik") F32
Birns & Sawyer 1000mm F4.5 omnitar 1977-1981 (white) diam=9 13/16", LH built-in/screw-in?
Birns & Sawyer (?) 1000mm F6.3 Omnitar 1969-1981 made in Germany (silver "Hammerschlag-Optik"), LH built-in/screw-in?
Bower 500mm F8.0 1970 T-mount
Cambron 500mm F8.0 listed as Telephoto, Multicoated Telephoto and Wildlife Lens (3 different versions with different price tag)
Cambron 500mm F4.5 all of the long telephoto construction type, marked as Custom Pro lens without fixed price; no technical specs given; never seen on Ebay or reported on the web to be really owned by anyone; listed by CambridgeWorld since 2000.11 (still recent in 2011)
Cambron 600mm F4.5
Cambron 800mm F4.7
Cambron 1000mm F5.6
Cambron 1200mm F6.8
Cambron 800mm F10 all of the mirror construction type with price tags between 1000$ and 2500$; no technical specs given; never seen on Ebay or reported on the web to be really owned by anyone; listed by CambridgeWorld since 2000.11 (still recent in 2011)
Cambron 1000mm F11
Cambron 1260mm F6.3
Cambron 1600mm F6.3
Cambron 2000mm F10
Cambron 2500mm F10
Kaligar 400mm F6.3 Tele Photo F22 M42 9€ (US)
Kalt 600mm F8.0 1967
Kawanon 500mm F8.0 Mirror T-mount 30€ (US)
Kawanon 500mm F8.0 T-mount min.dist=1000, Fmax=22, 72mm filter, screw-in lens hood, adjustable tripod mount
Kimunor 500mm F8.0 T2 67mm F32 C/FD, M/MC & P/K mount adapters originally included; HQ Optics/HQ Marketing, Los Alamitos California
Komura 400mm F6.3 (Unidapter) Kyvyx Corp., 1966-1984* (*source:
Komura 400mm F6.3 Kyvyx Corp., 1977-1984* (*source:
Makinon 500mm F8.0, Nikon-mount?
Marexar 500mm F8.0 Mirror  
Novoflex 680mm 8.0 Follow-Focus Novoflex Follow-Focus lenses in general are optimized for center sharpness: tack sharp in the center, shit in the corners: ideal for cropping
Ohnar 500mm F8.0 Mirror  
Piesker Berlin 400mm F4.5 Tele Picon M42, screw-in Geli, zebra-style
Prinz 500mm F8.8 Mirror 1988 (?? source:
Prinz 500mm F8.0 Macro 1994
Prinz Galaxy  
Quantaray 500mm F8.0 Micro Cat MC 1978-1982 listed at
Rokinon 500mm F8.0 Mirror 1:3
Rokunar 500mm F8.0 1978-2002 listed at
Sakar 500mm F8.0 Series 1900 preset 1985-1987 listed at
Samigon 500mm F8.0 Mirror 1968-1975 listed at
Samigon 500mm F8.0 1966-1975 listed at
Sigma 500mm F4.5 Apo listed by McBroom's Camera Bluebook (Ed. 2000)
Sigma 1000mm F8.0 Apo listed by McBroom's Camera Bluebook (Ed. 2000)
Sirius 500mm F8.0 Mirror  
Spiratone 500mm F8.0 Minitel Mirror T-mount filter 77mm tripod mount 48EUR (US)
Spiratone 500mm F8.0 Ultratel Mirror 1970-1975 listed at (Ultratel Preset or Minitel Mirror?)
Super Paragon 500mm F8.0 Mirror  
Sunagor 500mm F8.0 Mirror  
Telesar 500mm F8.0 Mirror 1968-1970
TEWE Berlin 400mm F5.0 Mxx? 80€
Vivitar 400mm F5.6 MC fixed mount built-in (retractable) lenshood 1976-1980 listed by
Vivitar 400mm F5.6 T2-mount 1977-1979 listed by
Vivitar 400mm F5.6 TX-mount 1978-1979 listed by
Vivitar 500mm F8.0 T-mount 1966-1979 listed by
Vivitar 500-800mm F8.0-12.0 Mirror Zoom  
Vivitar 600mm F8.0 T-mount 1970-1979 listed by, listed by McBroom's Camera Bluebook (Ed. 2000)
Zoomar 400mm F4.0 Sport-Zoomatar interchangeable mount for 35mm to 6x6; filter holder; N/F 400€ (US)

Century Precision Lenses listed by McBroom's Camera Bluebook
230mm F2.8 Tele-Athenar II not listed by Monaghan
300mm F3.2 Tele-Athenar II also listed by Monaghan
385mm F4.5 Tele-Athenar II also listed by Monaghan
500mm F3.8 Tele-Athenar II Monaghan lists this one as F4.5
500mm F5.6 Tele-Athenar II also listed by Monaghan
600mm F4.5 Tele-Athenar II not listed by Monaghan
650mm F6.8 Tele-Athenar II also listed by Monaghan
800mm F4.7 Tele-Athenar II I've seen this one as F6.0
1000mm F5.6 Tele-Athenar II This is infact a Tele-Athenar from the first series. BIG lens. More details in the main listing now.
1200mm F6.8 Tele-Athenar II not listed by Monaghan

More Pentax M42 Lenses
Asahi Super Takumar 1,9/85mm (Auto) 28° F16 85cm 58mm 350g older one (<1969), quite good (
Asahi Auto Takumar 1,8/85mm 58mm, quite good (

More Pentax P/K Lenses
Asahi 400mm F2.8 EDIF (A*) (Auto) 6° F32 4m 49mm 164x325 6000g
Asahi 400mm F5.6 SMC (M) (auch als M42 Tele-Takumar (kein SMC, kein Auto, F45, 160€))
Asahi 400-600mm F8.0-12.0 Mirror  
Asahi 500mm F4.5 5° F45 10m 52mm 127x440 3330g (= Asahi Opt. Co. 500mm F4.5 Takumar ?)
Asahi 600mm F5.6 EDIF (A*) (Auto) 4.1° F45 49mm 5.5m 133x386 3280g
Asahi 1000mm F11.0 R 2.5° 8m built-in/52mm 119x248 2300g
Asahi 1000mm F8.0 2.5° F45 30m 52mm 143x738 5250g
Asahi 1200mm F8.0 EDIF (A*) (Auto) 2.1° F45 8m 49mm 170x684 8580g
Asahi 2000mm F13.5 SMC -M Reflex 1.2° 20m revolver 180x530 8000g built-in 2350€ (PL, n.s.)

More Russian Lenses
Tair-29 500mm F8.0
Tair-46 500mm F5.6 4.35°
Tair-50 750mm F6.3
Tair-52 1000mm F8.0 2.18°

Sigma YS Lenses
Sigma 16mm F2.8  
Sigma 18mm F3.5  
Spiratone 18mm F3.5 I  
Spiratone 18mm F3.5 II  
Sigma 55mm F2.8 Macro  
Sigma 135mm F1.8  

Lenses to burn your fingers (well ... in most cases)

Exakta 18-28mm F4.0-4.5 Varioplan M42 F22
Centon 18-28mm F4.0-4.5 P/K F22
Samyang 18-28mm F4.0-4.5 M/MC N/? O/OM P/K 100-75° Min.dist.=1.6ft. Magnif.=1:12 72mm 3x3.2" 17.2oz. Popular Photography Feb. 1992
Sirius 18-28mm F4.0-4.5 O/OM
Vivitar 17-28mm F4.0-4.5 PK-A/R F22 72mm 70,- (US) C/FD 70,- (US)
probably missing here are Cambron, Vitacon, Beroflex and Practicar a swell as the OEM: Samyang ("they" say so)

Asahi 50mm F1.2 SMC: 350,-
Nikon 50mm F1.2 Nikkor: 350,- [50cm, 52mm]
Olympus 55mm F1.2 Zuiko Auto S: 270,-
Olympus 55mm F1.2 G-Zuiko Auto-S: 170,-
Porst 55mm F1.2 Color Reflex MC Auto F: 160,- (n.s.) [F16, P/K]
Revuenon 55mm F1.2 P/K 58mm
Revuenon 55mm F1.2 MC: 130,- [F16, 58mm, 320g, 60cm, P/K]
Tomioka 55mm F1.2 Auto Chinon: 500,- (n.s.) [50cm, M42]
Tomioka 55mm F1.2 Yashinon: 300,- [M42]
=> reports problems with the adaption of an Auto Yashinon to an EOS 5D (lens back hits mirror, no mod possible)
Yashica ML 55mm F1.2: 300,- [C/Y]
Yashica ML 55mm F1.2: 250,- [C/Y]

Asahi 50mm F1.4 S.-M.-C. M42
Asahi 50mm F1.4 SMC P/K(A)
Chinon 55mm F1.4 Auto M42
Cosinon 55mm F1.4 Auto M42
Fuji Photo 50mm F1.4 EBC Fujinon M42 F16 50,-
Mamiya 55mm F1.4 Auto M42
Olympus 50mm F1.4 Zuiko Auto-S O/OM
Porst 55mm F1.4 Color Reflex Auto G MC (Chinon-cushion ring)
Porst 55mm F1.4 Color Reflex Auto G MC (Komura-rubber ring)
=> reports problems with the adaption of these two Porst lenses to an EOS 5D (lens back hits mirror, no mod possible)
Reflecta 55mm F1.4 Auto M42
Revuenon 55mm F1.4 Auto M42
Rikenon 55mm F1.4 Auto M42
Sears 55mm F1.4 Auto M42
Yashinon 55mm 1.4 Auto M42
Yashinon 50mm F1.4 DX silver ring
Yashinon 50mm F1.4 DX black ring
=> reports problems with the adaption of these two Yashinon lenses to an EOS 5D (lens back hits mirror, no mod possible)
Yashinon 50mm F1.4 DS
Yashinon 50mm F1.4 DS-M
Yashinon 55mm F1.4 DS-M
Zeiss 50mm 1.4 Planar AE C/Y

Chinon, Cosinon, Mamiya, Reflecta, Revuenon, Rikenon, Sears & Yashinon lenses supposed to be designed by Tomioka.
Ricoh Rikkenon 50mm f1.4 | Sears 55mm f1.4 | Vivitar 85mm f1.8 Beispielbilder:

Porst 135mm F1.8 > Totalschrott (,255mm), testet in early 1980 by Color Foto
incarnations: Weltblick, Vivitar, Spiratone, Soligor, Sigma YS, Porst, Eyemik
manufacturer: Tomioka?
similiar: Beroflex 135mm 1.8 (maybe same optical design in just slightly different barrels), Spiratone 135mm F1.8 (F16, 18°, 180cm, 82mm filter, 93x90mm, 1200g ... same?)