Venus/Laowa 60mm F2.8 Macro 2:1 Specifications


APS-C limited*

Diagonal Angle of View:

Maximum Magnification:
2:1 - 1:10

Minimum Aperture:

Number of Aperture Blades:

Iris Pattern:

Minimum Distance:

Filter Thread:

Maximum Diameter:

95mm (constant)


Focus Type:
internal focus mechanism, manual focus only

Lens Hood:

2015 by Anhui ChangGeng Optical Technology Co. Ltd.

Laowa version reviewed: Review by Paul Iddon (via ePhotozine)
Venus version reviewed: Thomas Shahan's Video Review


Additional Information:
The lenses were initially introduced under Venus brand, which later changed name to Laowa. All lenses produced after 2015-02-10 are labeled accordingly.
Rebadges are sold under Oshiro brand.
ChangGeng Optical Tec. published some exemplary shots on their homepage, which I found kind of suspicious. On the jpg files all EXIF data was deleted, and one of them shows 2 flares - one in form of a square, the other one in form of a pentagon (which is simply impossible to be genuine of a lens with a 14 bladed iris). The additionally provided RAW files have EXIF data, which names either 40mm or 50mm lenses been used at quiet curious apertures (40mm F13, 40mm F18, 40mm F20, 50mm F0 (all taken with the same EOS 60D) and 50mm F2 (7 pics taken with another 60D (different serial number)). Recording dates do not add any sense either.
Considered the lenses are dumb mount lenses this either means lenses with dandelion chips have been used (or the lenses were even mounted via adapters) and the chips have been reprogrammed all the time - or all this is just plain fake. I'm eager to see some real world tests of this lens. The available review looks promising after all.
There is a weird similarity in what happens when trying to send them email to what happens after sending email to Zhongyi Optical & Electronic Co., Ltd. (see Mitakon lenses) - you get the same error. Coincidence, same stupid webmaster or defacto even same company? The fun continues while reading through ZY Optics' facebook postings announcing the Venus lens:
  "Support the optics from China! World's First 60mm F2:1 Ultra-Macro Lens from Venus Optics
  P.S. ZY Optics has no connections whatsoever with Venus Optics Lens." (posted 2015-01-21)



*The lens works ok on full frame cameras, but shots at normal (non-macro) distances show a serious amount of vignetting all around the frame caused by the flare blocking diaphragm (square opening) infront of the front element.

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