Tokina 28-210mm f/3.5-5.6 EMZ 282 AF Specifications




Compatibility: analog/digital (compatibility issues: LuisPictor @ forum reports issues with an EOS 350D - my own sample worked well on a 350D, but had AF problems on a 5D II)

Diagonal Angle of View: 75.2° - 11.5°

Maximum Magnification: 1:8:8

Minimum Aperture: f/16 - f/27

Number of Aperture Blades: 8

Iris Pattern: polygonal

Minimum Distance: 190cm

Filter Thread: 72mm

Maximum Diameter: 81mm

Length: 112.5mm

Weight: approx. 360g

Focus Type: MmDrv, front lens focus, varifocal

Full Focus Throw: ~90°

Zoom Type: push-pull

Lens Hood: bayonet mounted

Produced: 1997 by Cosina (compare)


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