Lensbaby "Muse" 50mm F2.0 Specifications


analog/digital limited (dumb mount - aperture priority or manual modes only)

Diagonal Angle of View:

Maximum Magnification:

Minimum Aperture:
F8 (uses magnetic disks)

Number of Aperture Blades:

Iris Pattern:

Minimum Distance:

Filter Thread:

Maximum Diameter:



Focus Type:
manual focus only

Lens Hood:
Step-Up/Shade Ø37/52




Additional Information:
The Muse is the successor of Lensbaby Original and v2.0. It ships in 2 boxed versions either including with the double glass or the plastic lens. Muse is compatible with the Optic Swap system, so the following inserts can also be mounted:

12mm F4.0-22.0 160 MC Fisheye (exchangeable aperture disks, 6 elements, minimum working distance is 13mm!!, not compatible with the Step-Up/Shade 37/52) - Muse will need a special adapter (optional) to mount this insert

35mm F2.5-22.0 "Sweet 35" 4/3 construction (all multicoated, 12 aperture blades, 46mm filter thread, minimum focus of 7.5cm, added in 2011)

50mm MC double glass

50mm single glass (uncoated)

50mm plastic lens (uncoated)

50mm F3.3-4.8 soft focus (3 different aperture disks)

50mm w/ pinhole (F177) or zone plate (F19)

80mm F2.8-22 "Edge 80" 5/4 construction (all multicoated) with extension tube, optically corrected lens made for tilt applications (12 bladed circular aperture, 1m close focus (48cm using the retractable extension), 46mm filter thread, added in 2012)

For the 37mm thread there is a Macro Lens set available including a +4 (range: 15 - 33cm) and a +10 lens (range: 9 - 13cm), further a 0.42x Super Wide (7cm close focus, 51 x 44mm, 68g), a 0.6x Wide (47.5 x 31.8mm, 59.5g) and a 1.6x Tele Converter (47.5 x 30.5mm, 53.9g).
For the Lensbabies using aperture disks you can buy full disks to drill your very own iris diameter and pattern into (they also offer some ready to go disks with openings formed like a heart or a star).

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