Lensbaby "Composer Pro" 50mm F2.0 Specifications


analog/digital limited (dumb mount - aperture priority or manual modes only)

Diagonal Angle of View:

Maximum Magnification:

Minimum Aperture:

Number of Aperture Blades:

Iris Pattern:

Minimum Distance:

Filter Thread:

Maximum Diameter:



Focus Type:
manual focus only

Lens Hood:
Step-Up/Shade Ø37/52




Additional Information:
The Composer Pro features a metal swivel ball and a high quality damped focus mechanism. It has a tilt range of 17.5° and either ships boxed with the double glass lens or Sweet 35 optics. Composer Pro is compatible with the Optic Swap system, so the following inserts can be mounted:

12mm F4.0-22.0 160 MC Fisheye (exchangeable aperture disks, 6 elements, minimum working distance is 13mm!!, not compatible with the Step-Up/Shade 37/52)

35mm F2.5-22.0 "Sweet 35" (4/3 construction - all multicoated, 12 aperture blades, 46mm filter thread, minimum focussing distance of 19cm, added in 2011)

50mm MC double glass

50mm single glass (uncoated)

50mm plastic lens (uncoated)

50mm F2.5-22 MC "Sweet 50" (2/1 construction curved field of focus optic with a 12 bladed iris, a minimum focusing distance of 46cm and a front thread of 46mm)

50mm F3.2-22 "Edge 50" (8/6 construction - all multicoated, minimum working distance of 20.3cm, 46mm filter thread, added in 2015) - compatibility with Composer Pro is likely but unconfirmed, exclusively distributed with Composer Pro II

50mm F3.3-4.8 soft focus (3 different aperture disks)

50mm w/ pinhole (F177) or zone plate (F19)

80mm F2.8-22 "Edge 80" (5/4 construction - all multicoated, optically corrected, built-in retractable extension tube, 12 bladed circular aperture, 1m close focus (48cm using the extension), 46mm filter thread, added in 2012)

For 37mm threads there is a Macro Lens set available including a +4 (range: 15 - 33cm) and a +10 lens (range: 9 - 13cm), further a 0.42x Super Wide (7cm close focus, 51 x 44mm, 68g), a 0.6x Wide (47.5 x 31.8mm, 59.5g) and a 1.6x Tele Converter (47.5 x 30.5mm, 53.9g).

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