Laowa 12mm F2.8 (Zero-D*) D-Dreamer Specifications


Compatibility: analog/digital limited

Diagonal Angle of View: 122°

Maximum Magnification: 1:5

Minimum Aperture: F22

Number of Aperture Blades: 7

Iris Pattern:

Minimum Distance: 18cm

Filter Thread: none (an optional filter holder for 2x 100mm and 1x 105mm square filters is available for 50$ extra)

Maximum Diameter: 74.8mm

Length: 82.8mm

Weight: 609g

Focus Type: focus mechanism with floating elements, manual focus only

Full Focus Throw: 190°

Lens Hood: (bayonet mounted, flower shaped)

Produced: 2016 by Anhui ChangGeng Optical Technology Co. Ltd. (Venus Optics)

Tests: PhotoZone tested on EOS 5DsR; Popular Photography 11/2016

Popular Photography Measurements: 12.54mm F2.71 @ 1:4.95

Additional Information:



*Zero-D is the official lens designation, the lens' front ring engraving though reads D-Dreamer (Zero-D is a shorty for (Close-to-) Zero Distortion).

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