KMZ 16mm 2.8 MC Zenitar-M Fisheye Specifications




Mount Version: Type 2 (interchangeable) Canon EF with Dandelion Chip (AF confirmation)

Compatibility: analog/digital limited (non-electronical except for the chip allowing for focus indication and transmission of limited lens data like wide open aperture and focal length for EXIF records, if programmed accordingly)

Diagonal Angle of View: 180°

Maximum Magnification:

Minimum Aperture: F22

Number of Aperture Blades: 6

Iris Pattern: polygonal

Minimum Distance: 30cm

Filter Thread: 26.5mm rear filters

Maximum Diameter: 63mm

Length: 49mm

Weight: 310g

Focus Type: rear focus, manual only

Lens Hood: built-in



Additional Information:

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