Digital King 12mm F7.4 Fisheye Lens for Canon EOS M Specifications


dumb mount only allowing for aperture priority or manual modes

Diagonal Angle of View:
167° (diagonal fisheye)

Maximum Magnification:

Minimum Aperture:

Number of Aperture Blades:

Iris Pattern:

Minimum Distance:

Filter Thread:

Maximum Diameter:



Focus Type:
internal focus mechanism, manual focus only

Lens Hood:
built-in, flower shaped

2014 by Toda Seiko



Additional Information:
The Digital King 7.4/12 first appeared in 2013 for NEX [#TFE-02] and FX [#TFX-02], officially produced by Toda Seiko. In the same year a first rebadge became available from Gloxy for NEX [#TFE02]. In 2014 Dörr came up with the first EOS M mount version and - widely unnoticed due to no official announcement nor listing of the lenses in their online cataloges - Rokinon started to offer rebadges with a little altered outer appearance for FX [#RMC12-FX], MFT [#RMC9-MFT], Nikon 1 [#RMC7.5-NI] and NEX [#RMC12-E].
Although of identical parentage, the lenses have divergent specifications due to their different mount systems and crop factors of the cameras. This pertains effective focal length (7.5, 9 and 12mm) and aperture value (F8.0 and 7.4). Further the NEX and FX lenses are fixed focus lenses with a minimum focusing distance of 50cm, while the Dörr EF-M version has a minimum of 30cm.
After all, Toda Seiko confirmed to already have the Digital King coming in EOS M as well (not yet available online). Rokinon still owes us the EOS M version.
The lenses are delivered with a softcase. Rebadges are available by Dörr.

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