Canon EOS 1000N a.k.a. EOS Rebel II Specifications

also covering Canon EOS 1000FN a.k.a. EOS Rebel SII [US] or EOS 1000S [JAP]


Front view of the Canon EOS 1000FN

Photo © 2010 by Gregor Pabst

ISO Film Speeds (Auto): 25 - 5000

ISO Film Speeds (Manual): 6 - 6400

Shutter Speeds: 1/2000s - 30s

Bulb Mode: supported

Max. Shutter Frequency: 1 fps

Shutter Release Time Lag: approx. 144ms - 150ms (according to Stepping Stone, LCC)

Mirror Lockup: not supported

Exposure Compensation: ±2 EV

Auto Exposure Bracketing: not supported

Viewfinder Coverage: 90%

Viewfinder Magnification: 0.75x (confirmed only for EOS 1000FN)

Focus Screen: fixed

AF Points: 1 (with View Finder Indicator)

AF Operating Range: 1 EV - 18 EV

AF Aperture Limit (Linear Type Sensors): f/5.6

AF Aperture Limit (Center Cross Type Sensors):

AF Aperture Limit (Peripheral Cross Type Sensors):

Aux Light: not available

Flash Metering: A-TTL

X-Sync: 1/90s

Max. Trigger Circuit Voltage: 6V

Second Curtain Sync: not supported

High Speed Sync: not supported

Flash Exposure Compensation: not supported

Pop-Up Flash: built-in (EOS 1000FN only)

Pop-Up Flash Coverage: 35mm

Pop-Up Flash Guide Number: 12m

Body Size: 148mm x 100mm x 69mm

Body Weight: 420g (EOS 1000N) and 470g (EOS 1000FN)

Battery Required: 1x 2CR5

Battery Grip: not available

Power Drive Booster: not available

Produced: 1992


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