Other Manufacturers' Conversions of lenses to Canon EF mount

Model Compatibility1 Angle Of View2 Max. Magnif. Aperture:
Min. | Blades | Form
Min. Dist. (cm) Filter (mm) Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Weight (g) Focus Type3 Parfocal Zoom Type E-TTL II4 Lens Hood Produced Comments Tests & Reviews
Zörk Schneider-Kreuznach 28mm f/2.8 PC-Super-Angulon Tilt   ana./dig. limited 93.4 1:6 22 5 polygonal 28 67 EW (B+W) 70 90 appr. 500 MF only -/- -/- -/- SK #920 / Leica 12540   a 12° tilt only conversion of an otherwise shift only lens made on request (made of new lenses)  

1 Limited means, there is no or limited electronic transmission between lens and body resulting in loss of time priority and automatic modes (only if absolutely no coupling, see Zeiss for an exception). Also In-Focus-Indicators will not show up (with exception of AF check feature explicitly built-in).
2 diagonal angle (°), the factor horizontal/diagonal depends on the focal length: 0.913 @ 14mm, 0.869 @ 28mm, 0.846 @ 50mm, 0.836 @ 100mm, 0.832 @ 500mm (just some examples)
3 IF (internal focus), RF (rear focus) are all focusing systems supporting a fixed filter thread position;
FF (front (lens) focus) means the front lens group turns while focusing, with Canon lenses afaik always resulting in a rotating filter thread
4 lenses that transmit distance data to support the bodies' E-TTL II functions
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