Tilt & Tilt-Shift Adapters by Arax, Free Eye, Kipon, Mirex and Zörk - Canon EOS Technoclopedia

The following list gives an overview of adapters that allow large format or 35mm lenses to mount to Canon EOS cameras and be either shifted, tilted or both. You'll find some budget adapters as well as some more expensive and specialized ones. If all that is not enough, you might want to take a look at System Cameras > Conversions > View Cameras, that allow to use your EOS as a digital back.

Arax Photo [link] offers a series of 3 different tilt adapters mounting to Canon EF and others (incl. M42, Nikon and O/OM, except for the last one, which is only available for Canon). All of them offer a 360° of rotation and are made from brass. Furthermore there are/have been at least one tilt-shift and one shift adapter.
  • Tilt Adapter for Hasselblad can mount all Hasselblad lenses except H Series. It offers a tilt range of ±8° and maintains focus to infinity.
    Weight: 160g | MSRP: 150$ |
  • Tilt Adapter for Arax (a.k.a. Arax Pentacon 6 Tilt) mounts all Pentacon 6 lenses and offers a tilt range of ±8° as well.
    Weight: 155g | MSRP: 125$ |
  • EOS-Tilt-EOS Macro Adapter is a dumb mount for Canon EF lenses, that works like an extension tube. Therefore infinity focus is not available. Two adapters can be combined to maximize the effect (also increases the available range of focusing distance). The adapter features a fixed tilt of 11° (can't be adjusted, only be rotated).
    Weight: 70g | MSRP: 95$

  • Arax Pentacon 6 Shift allows the use of P6 standard lenses as shift lenses on EOS mount; rotation = 360, shift range = 0-10mm.
    Weight: 145g |

  • Arax Pentacon 6 Tilt-Shift allows the use of P6 standard lenses as shift lenses on EOS mount; rotation = 360, tilt range = ±8°, shift range = 0-10mm.
    Weight: 225g |
Free Eye 1st Model [link] (1998) is based on a circular ground plate allowing free shifting movements in any direction (therefor referred to as orbital shift adapter). It features a locking lever to lock the mount in any chosen position. The adapter can be ordered with the locking lever either on the right or left side for your favored handling. It comes with T mount and can thus be adapted to most cameras (incl. all Canons). Lens adapter rings are either available or included for Bronica GS & SQ, Mamiya RB/RZ, Hasselblad C/CF/F, Kiev 66 - 88, Pentacon 6 (Exakta 66) and Pentax 67. Adapters for Schneider Digitar 28mm and Kowa 6 are further available on special request. Focus to infinity is possible. The adapter comes with a built-in tripod mount.
Free Eye achieves a shift of up to ±18mm with 6x7 lenses, ±12mm are possible with with 6x6 lenses. MSRP: 880€

Kipon HB [link] is a tilt-shift adapter mounting Hasselblad lenses to Canon EOS cameras (the camera mount is not specified by the adapter engravings). It features a tilt of up to ±6° and a shift range of ±11mm. The mount also offers rotation (can't find any numerical values) and focus to infinity.
The handling seems a bit awkward. It features a metal ring used to lock and unlock the tilt by clockwise/anticlockwise rotation, a big screw heading downwards to adjust the shift (just screw in or out to do so) add the rotation is controlled by a pressing button at the bottom of the adapter.
The Kipon is currently selling for 280€ on eBay.
Mirex [link] offers a series of Shift and Tilt/Shift adapters. They all achieve a tilt range of ±10° (T/S models only), a shift range of ±15mm and a full rotation of 360°. They are made of black anodized aluminum and stainless steel and allow focus to infinity.
  • Shift Adapter for Mamiya M645 lenses, mounts to Canon EF (others available too, incl. M42 and Nikon F)
    Diameter: 85mm | Length: 21-25mm | Weight: 120-140g | MSRP: 320€
  • Tilt/Shift Adapter for Hasselblad lenses, mounts to Canon EF (others available too, incl. T mount and Nikon F)
    Diameter: 85mm | Length: 25mm | Weight: 150g | MSRP: 425€
  • Tilt/Shift Adapter for Mamiya M645 lenses, mounts to Canon EF (others available too, incl. M42)
    Diameter: 84mm | Length: 22-25mm | Weight: 120-140g (depending on the mount) | MSRP: 400€
  • Tilt/Shift Adapter for Pentax 645 lenses, mounts to Canon EF (others available too, incl. M42)
    Diameter: 84mm | Length: 32mm | Weight: 180-190g (depending on the mount) | MSRP: on request
Zörk Panorama Shift Adapter [link] is primarily offered with the idea to shoot for stitching. However, a first version of it was already launched during the mid 1980s. That way it is possible to achieve pictures with aspect ratios of up to 3:1 covering 120° of view with a 35mm lens - free of barrel distortion (equivalent to 17mm lenses in width). The adapter can be used in horizontal or vertical camera positions and is available with and without tripod socket. An additional L-bracket is available to maintain a static nodal point while shifting. The Zörk PSA can also be combined with their Multi Focus System to simulate a view camera (refer to System Cameras > Conversions > View Cameras for details).
PSA is available with lens mounts for Mamiya 645, Pentacon 6, Pentax 645 and 67 and Hasselblad. The version for Pentax 645 can be used with adapters to mount lenses of the other systems. It can be ordered to directly mount to Canon EF (others available as well, incl. Nikon).
The shift range amounts to ±20mm with a full 360° of rotation.
Compatibility issues: The PSA is fully compatible in all versions with the pro grade SLRs and DSLRs. For EOS 10D, 20D, 30D etc. a work-around is necessary to achieve full rotation with the 645 models (contact Zörk for details*). For the consumer grade models with protruding flash housing above the bayonet the 645 models will not fit, using the 67 models is mandatory to retain full rotation there.
MSRPs: P645 and P6: 670$ each, Mamiya: 650$, HB and P67: 800$ each; add 130$ for integrated tripod socket and 100$ for L-bracket
Zörk is further reported to offer a modified Tilt Adapter since 2011, I can't find it on their website though. It mounts Pentax 67 lenses (all down to 45mm focal length), features a 12-15° tilt range and is available for all 35mm mounts. The basic version goes for 280€, add 120€ for a tripod collar.
* "Prism overhang (usually part of a nonfunctional flash housing or nameplate) may be filed down to allow the PSA for 645 system lenses to rotate fully (note: Zörk does not authorize or officially support such modifications, but we will gladly explain to you what is required)." (source) Goes without saying: Will void warranty. Cutting holes into your DSLR might result in an unfavorable amount of dust entering the sensor area.