Lenses: IR Capability

1st column according to either Lens Play or Diglloyd.com (no or minimal hot spot, column not available for Adapting Lenses > Non-C/EF Fisheyes and Ultrawides), 2nd column according to IR Forum user reviews (german) or dpanswers. DPanswers lists the Canon 2/35 and 3.5-5.6/18-55 as capable, which are reported uncapable by both Lens Play/Diglloyd and IR Forum. Thus the dpanswers values are noted in red and only added where no other sources are at hand.

Note, that IR capability is not just indicated by the absence or presence of IR focus scales on the lens. There are enough lenses featuring those scales, that are not really capable (speaking of hotspots), or do not feature the scales and are capable optically (which finally counts to get the vote in this category). Also MSRP is no criterion - see Zeiss vs Zeiss IR.

Cam means camera dependent, whether it works or not.

Yes/No means both cases are reported. Might depend on user's sensitivity, camera model, lens charge, field of use (e.g. apertures wide open or closed) ...

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