Speedlites: Reload

Reload (and BLE*) depends on the type of power source. Alkaline cells are non-rechargeable and thus little cheaper, but reload the flash slower. Ni-Cd and Ni-MH offer a faster reload and are rechargeable. Full value sets are given in the form of X - Y/Z, where X indicates the minimum reload time ever possible (usually refers to fill flash situations), Y indicates full power reloads with Ni-Cd cells and Z indicates full power reloads with Alkalines.

Much faster reloading times in general are possible with external power packs, which require a power plug to be built in.

*BLE stands for Battery Life Expectancy.

Rapid Fire a.k.a. Quick Flash allows to fire the flash before it is fully reloaded. This feature is often indicated by a two-step ready-LED (e.g. green = ready for Quick Flash, red = fully loaded).

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