Speedlites: Metz Winder & Motordrive Modes

Some of the Metz flashes incorporate a Winder or both Winder and even faster Motordrive Mode, which allows to shoot a number of bursts per second at reduced power. As initially introduced, it sounds somewhat similar to Canon's Rapid Fire by result, but in contrary it was just a fully manual mode (using presets of M1/32, M1/40, M1/64 or alike). Where otherwise available, not even auto zoom was working in this mode. With the introduction of the MZ (= Motor Zoom) series the distinction became even more washed out, since then for Winder modes Metz began to refer to RPT mode, which also worked with TTL and MZ.

Metz recommends the use of Lithium or Nicad cells to provide max. power for reloads.

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