Canon EOS Cameras: Shutter Release Time Lag

Shutter Release Time Lag indicate the time elapsing between hitting the shutter release button and the actual event of shutter release (the faster the better).

Black values are given according to Canon.

Green values according to The Digital Picture - the ones I could double check turned out to be correct/identical to the ones given by Canon.

Red values according to Stepping Stone, LCC. Use the latter at your own risk. For the cameras I found values for given by Canon themself, they didn't exactly fit in 40% of all cases. I'm especially not sure, whether the whole analog Rebel series has the same huge lag (and it isn't the same - i.e. check EOS 300/300V).

Shutter release lag values in brackets indicate a boost option via custom functions menu. This requires the lens to be set to maximum (open) aperture.

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