Red ONE Cameras: Effective Imaging Area

The maximum image size and effective imaging area to be used relates to the chosen resolution and frame rate*:

Mode (Resolution, max. FPS): Crop Factor

4.5K WS** (4520 x 2540, ≤29.97fps): 1.45x
4K 16:9 (4096 x 2304, ≤29.97fps): 1.6x
4K HD (3840 x 2160, ≤29.97fps): 1.6x
4K ANA (2764 x 2304, ≤29.97fps): 2.1x
3K 16:9 (3072 x 1728, ≤50fps): 2.0x
3K ANA (2074 x 1728, ≤59.94fps): 3.2x
2K 16:9 (2048 x 1152, ≤59.94fps): 3.24x
2K ANA (1282 x 1152, ≤59.94fps): ?

*A limiting factor for max. frame rates also are the REDcode setting (compression grade) and storage medium. REDdrive, REDmag and REDram are the fastest, closely followed by REDflash 16GB. The REDflash 8GB can't be used for REDcode 42 at all ... see manual for details.

**In the manual's introduction of the MYSTERIUM and MYSTERIUM-X the 4.5K mode is only mentioned to be supported by the original MYSTERIUM, while in the later detailed tables and in other sources as well there is not made any further distinction between the two. The MYSTERIUM-X has a greater surface and resolution though, so either it's enhanced size is not effectively used or it's simply not documented. RED FAQ though documents a significant gain in latitude resulting in higher exposure rates and less noise.

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