Canon EOS Cameras: DxO Marks

DxO Marks are the sensor max. values for color depth (in bit), dynamic range (in EV) and high image quality low light performance (ISO) measured by DxO Labs during tests. Here are some explanatory quotes:

For all three values the higher is the better. Check the DxO Labs link above for more details. As usual, take the given values with a grain of salt. There are always minor flaws within tests as well as within production series (just for an example compare the measured values for the 550D preproduction (22.0 bit, 11.6 EV, 807 ISO) and production samples (see listing). But after all the values are still worth to mention and to use as a general guideline, especially the low-light ISO value. Also don't stop here. Check the linked reviews at the end of each line for test footage.

Also see Notes on Test References for further readings about DxO testing standards.

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