Softhard Industrial Surveillance cameras with Canon EF mount

Model MPixel Sensor: CPU Memory (MB) Image Size (px) Image Format Shutter
Speeds (s)
Frames /s1 Size (mm) Weight (g) Power Sources Data
Produced Comments Tests / Reviews
Size (mm) Type Dyn. Range (dB) Min. Illum. (lux)
Softhard Currera XL   10.7 37.25 x 25.70 Kodak KAI-11002 CCD 66   Intel Atom Z530   4008 x 2672               proto types only Pixel Pitch of 0.9µm; source: old Softhard website and Kodak KAI11002 documentation  
Softhard Currera XL   16 36 x 24 Kodak CCD     Intel Atom Z530           94 x 70 x 70   PoE GigE proto types only onboard SSD; built-in MicroSD card reader, can be run with Win XP, XP embedded or Linux; source: Git Verlag Vision 2009 Special  

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General Notes:
1.) Currera XL: The Kodak KAI-11002 CCD itself is available in either color or monochrome versions, so it's basically possible, that there were plans for a color and a b/w version of the Currera XL. However, according to the support staff the Currera XL never went into production (though samples seem to have been presented at Vision Trade Fair 2009) due to missing customer response and concerns about high sensor data rates mismatching the Atom's processing power.