Craft Digital Systems Video Cameras With Canon EF Mount - Canon EOS Technoclopedia

Model Sensor ISO Gain (dB) LCD Shutter HD Recording (1920 x 1080px) 4K Recording (4096 x 2160px) SloMo/FaMo Audio Physical Size & Weight Memory
Power Sources Connections Produced Comments Tests/Reviews
Size (mm) MPixel1 Crop (H)2 Type Pixel Pitch (µm) Dyn. Range Type Size (") Pixel Type Speeds (s) Format Compression Storage Rate FPS Range3.2 Format Compression Storage Rate FPS Range Basic Setup Full Setup Batteries DC Remote Control Input Output
Craft Camera   [Super 16] (HD)   CMOS   13           global shutter   CineDNG
    - 60 -/- -/- -/- -/- - 120 fps     97.15 x 96 x 170 Dual CFast, SSD*,
CF (hot swappable)
2x ________   Ethernet,
WiFi or
Serial with LANC
Audio: 2x mic Audio: 3.5mm jack headphones
Video: HDMI, SDI
ann. f. Q4 2016 PL, EF, and MFT hot swappable Speed Mounts available;
*announced to be released at a later date
[Super 35] (4K)   CMOS   13 CineDNG
    - 60       - 60 ann. f. Q4 2016 PL and EF hot swappable Speed Mounts available  

General Notes:
1.) The Craft Camera is a modulary system similar to RED cameras. One of the Video Elements (HD or 4K), one of the Speed Mounts (EF, PL or MFT lens mounts), one of the Control Links (LAN, WiFi or LanC) and a single battery make up the very basic system, which can be expanded by adding LCD, Audio, Storage, Power and/or Handle Elements. The specifications above describe the features of a full setup including all available types of modules.

+ CODEX Action Cam