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Canon EOS:
  Anton Largiader   Listing of many lenses for Canon EOS system incl. tech specs, with a form to find a selection of lenses meeting your requirements (focal length, speed and cost, leave all empty to get the full list).   yes
  Adam Steenwyk   A rather curious attempt: An Analysis of Lens Handholdability, based on the Largiader database   2011
  Roland Vink   Roland's Nikon Pages   yes
  Katherine Dér ... lens listing for Praktica systems (M42, B-mount, Pentacon Six)   yes (dead)
  Tiago Franco   another good Praktica page with 3rd party information   yes
  Vladislav Kern ... THE soviet photo equipment collector's resource   yes
  Dmitrij Fedotkin ... another great resource for communist-era russian produced cameras & lenses   yes
  Markus Wottrich ... all about Yashica cameras and lenses   yes
  Robert Monaghan ... medium format megasite with a legendary overview of 35mm stuff   yes (dead)
Tamron Adaptall:   Excellent resource for Tamron's Adaptall and Adaptall 2 systems ... and more   yes (dead)
Underwater Housings:   another database of underwater housings    
More:   One very special resource, has a good collection of material about adapting both vintage and newer non-EF lenses to EOS mount (incl. Rangefinder lenses), as well as tons of comparisons in search for THE lens.   out of business   Besides tons of reviews and other stuff they host the manual focus lens database dedicated to photos of the lenses themselves - BIG and unique (go to gallery > lenses)   no need to   The Macrolens Collection Database.   yes
  ACE   This is something different: a who-is-who database about manufacturers and distributors of photographic equipment. As to my understanding some of the information is not correct, but it's still a very interesting resource. Use at your own risk :).   (dead)
  JPEA International   One more link list here: The Joint PhotoImaging Enterprises Association's members list. Includes contact information for japanese companies like Asanuma, Aspen, Komamura (Horseman), Tapak (Elicar) and many more.   yes