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Name Type of Resource FTP server with a small but good collection of manuals in italian and english
DeviceManuals PDF Search Engine (Manuals, Spec Sheets etc.)
ManualsLIB PDF Database for manuals
Google PDF Search
M. Butkus' OrphanCameras Scans of Manuals, Catalogs and more (he claims 3500+ in number) Thread about Canon Part Catalogs available for download

Acctiver Broschüre/Katalog für Kowa Prominar etc.
Allied Vision Technologies Documentation, Manuals etc.
Arax Manuals for Arsat/Arax lenses and more
Avigilon IP Cameras Data Sheets, Manuals
Bilora Manuals and Catalogs (engl./ger.)
B&W International Catalogs (engl./ger.)
Cactus (Harvest One) Manuals
Canon Asia (SE) Manuals
Canon Austria Presseinfos als PDF
Canon Europe Canon Flash Work, Lens Work III etc., Brochures and Catalogs, EOS 7D White Paper, Presseinfos
Canon UK Press Releases in PDF
Canon USA EOS White Papers, Cinema EOS White Papers, Manuals, Canon Professional Network (CPN) Infobank, Press Releases
Carl Zeiss SLR Catalogs and more, Kataloge und mehr/Cine Catalogs and more (Support > Download Center)
CoastalOpt Data Sheets, PR and (much) more
Cullmann Manuals and Catalogs
Desert Star Systems See product pages for Manuals
EastWave Belomo Peleng Manual and more
EnjoyYourCamera Handbücher für Marumi Blitzgeräte und YongNuo RF-602
HapaTeam Kataloge und Datenblätter für Tokina, Nissin, Kenko & Lensbaby
KievCamera Hartblei 45mm 3.5 PCS/TS-PC/Superrotator Manual and more
Kodak DCS Series Manuals
Lensbaby User Guides
Lumenera see homepage's product pages for data sheets and brochures, support area for brochures, case studies, quick start guides and more
Metz Mecablitz firmware and manuals Deutsch/ English, Presse-Infos Deutsch/ English
Nissin Japan Compatibility Chart, Manuals
Pixel Manuals
Phottix Manuals
Pocketwizard Manuals
Promaster Manuals and Compatibility Chart
Quantum QFlash Manuals, Firmware and more (asks for registration)
Reflecta Data Sheets and Manuals auf deutsch and english
RPS Data Sheets, see product details for user guides
Schneider-Kreuznach Super Angulon Manual, B&W Filters and more, partly different pdf offers in Deutsch and/or English, vintage lens documents, vintage filter documents
Sigma Germany Datenblätter (Presseinfos), Kataloge, Pressepakete
Sigma Japan Lens Catalogues, Manuals [de-en-fr-it-es etc.] and news
Sigma UK Lens/Flash Catalogues and Manuals
Sigma USA Recently Discontinued Products and Press Releases
Soligor Catalogs/Kataloge
Sunex some bits and pieces
Sunpak Catalog and Manuals
Suntax Flash catalog/brochures
Tamron Japan Discontinued Lenses
Tamron Europe German/English Product Brochures
Tamron USA Product Manuals
THK Photo Group Product Catalogs by Tokina, Kenko
ToCad Sunpak Flash Data Sheets
Tumax Compatibility Chart and Manuals
Yongnuo Manuals (see product pages)
Aquatica UW Systems Manuals
Ikelite UW Systems Manuals
Nimar UW Systems Manuals
Sea&Sea Catalog, Manuals here and here (different versions available for some models/different models listed) and System Charts
Seacam Handbücher/Manuals
Subal Handbücher/Manuals (see product listings, Service > Downloads didn't list spec sheets nor 500D housing at all (as of 2010-06-29))

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